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2018/2019 Results

How did You do?

The Season Standings! Here you are, my friends. The 2018/2019 SCTA Southern California Trials Association Championship Series has drawn to a close. I hope you had an amazing year. As always a HUGE shout out to our perennial scorekeeper, Mr. Erik Mattson.

And now, without further ado, we give you, The Final Standings. Download them NOW. Then plan your course for NEXT season!

El Trial de España, Day 1. Results.

El Trial de España, Day 2. Results.

2019 Season Standings

as of round seven: Download them here now!

March 17, SCTA Round Seven, The Big E Trial, by Plonkers. Results Here.

February 17, SCTA Round six, The Happy Trial. Results.

A rainy day is the perfect time for a walk in the woods.
— Rachel Carson

Following the crystalline blue skies of Saturday’s Volder Classic, dark clouds rolled back atop the hills of Romoland. Threatening to drop their silvery drops, and creating a gray backdrop for the day. Yet the rains never came until well after the trial. Dare I say it; another perfect day of dirt. For the brave few who beat the rains, we offer the day’s scores. You’ve beaten the weatherman, and the majority who stayed away, safe in the snugly blankets.

Mr. Scott Head, going hard at the Mesozoic Granite.

Mr. Scott Head, going hard at the Mesozoic Granite.

February 16, SCTA Round 5,The Jack Volder Classic. Results

A Perfect Blue Sky...

It was again, the Gods of MOTO looking after the true riders. These are the riders that laugh at the threat of inclement weather. They harken for the winds, the rains. “Give me your best!” these riders shout. They’ll not be kept away from our sport, not be held tight to the couch, frightened by the wet. These riders are up for the challenge.
And as one would have it, our Saturday skies were truest blue, dotted with the softest of cloud puffs. Sunblock and T-shirts, and so very SoCal.
If you were there, you know the wonder we had. If you missed out, the results are here.

Brad Hannon braves the horrid winter conditions! (Yes, sarcasm).

December 9, the Keyesville big wood trial, Results

Along the boulder strewn shores of the frothy Kern, the women and men of trials, both socal and norcal, battled it out in another classic at Keyesville. The results offer insight into the challenges of the day. Read and enjoy. And thanks to Scorekeeper Erik!

October 28, Twombstone Two day, Day 2 Results.

October 27, Twombstone Two Day, Day 1 Results.

Sunny and bright, beneath the gaze of Thomas Mountain, San Diego Trials Riders offered up not one, but two wonderful days of stunning trials. How the heck did YOU do? read about it here.

Season Standings! We got ‘em!

Well, it has been FOUR rounds so far. Are you in the hunt for the championship? No stress, my friend- just click here and see where you stand. Then start talking trash!
PS: Don’t forget- you gotta check at least once a season or get docked fifty championship points! Sad sad, don’t be that guy.

September 23, Slabtemberfest 2018 results.

Cougar Buttes, Mojave Desert, California

Another ridiculously beautiful, subtly warm mojave day. Tires found ample grip on warm boulders, riders ventured far east to the famed Quarry, and back again. Smiles all around. Without further fanfare, here are the results! Thanks as always to Erik Mattson. The guy is totally amazing!

April 14 and 15 2017; El Trial de espana Results.

El Trial Results and final season standings now here. More eloquence about the affair, after work. Enjoy.
Round 8; El Trial de Espana
Round 9; Season Finale
2017/2018 Final SoCalTrials Association Championship Season Standings

March 11, Round 7; The Return of the Bloody Elbow

March 11, 2018.

The Living Desert, indeed. A canopy of clouds painted a vivid backdrop as riders reacted to weather and rock, wonderfully wet sand and freshly rinsed slabs. Smiles beamed from beneath helmets, as I punched cards midway through the loop. Halfway in, I could see who was struggling, who had the 'stupid' five. Others came through, smooth and cool, with some very clean cards. It was a joy to watch.
The results, as compiled by the fine, swift and accurate Erik Mattson, are available here.

February 18, Round 6; the Happy Trial.

It was so very happy. VOTE Trials delivered a loop that feels old school BMX, while ten sections challenged all. Our results, prepared with lightning speed, old-world craftsmanship, and computer accuracy, as always by Mr. Erik Mattson. Check them out, and let's see how you did, big shot.

February 17, Round 5; the Jack Volder Classic,

On the finest California winter trails, epic battles are met with amazingly wide smiles. The scores tell the tale. Check 'em out here.

September 24, Round 1; The SlabtemberFEST

by the Plonkers Trials Club. A fantasmically sunny and high spirited, high desert trial. A wonderful beginning to the newest and best season of trial EVER.

October 28, Round 2; The Monster Mash,

by the San Diego Trials Riders. A spooky affair indeed! From the frighteningly decorated loop, to actual skeletal remains in the sections, it was a day to remember. And now you can remember it forever, as we have the Results here.

October 29, Round 3; The Skidplate Bash,

..Also by SDTR. Still spooky, and yet more awesome. How can this be?! Regardless, I'm sure you are anxious to know how you did. I am. Without further ado, we bring you the results, right here.

December 10, Round 4; the big Wood Trial,

by the Big Feets Trials Cub. It was big, woody, with a full body and crisp aroma, and a lively finish. Read the top-rated results, right here.

But wait, there is more: The 2017/2018 Season Standings

After each event, the brilliantly gifted mathemologist, Erik Mattson, compiles and tabulates all your championship points, waves his magic wand and PRESTO! we have our current Season Standings as of Round SEVEN! Pretty amaze-o, I know. Dig the colors!

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