OK- So let's go ride. Trials is fun the very first day you ride, and the learning curve (and fun) pretty much just keep on going, going, and going. Practice, and plenty of it, will get you there, young Padawan.

Get it on!

Most any weekend, there is a place to ride Moto-Trials in Southern California, with the friendly members of this fine trials community. Below are just a few options. Visit the "Where We Ride" page to see just where those places are, and if you want to be sure, check out the Talk Trials discussion board, just click above. Keep on riding!

High Desert

Most every Sunday morning, a group rides out at Cougar Buttes in Lucerne Valley.

Best. Rocks. Ever. Great place to get some desert riding in, too. Stop at Adelita's in Lucerne for breakfast while you're at it.


Most Sundays, there is a regular group of guys that ride Santa Rosa near Perris. Perfect Trials-only area. Pretty Top-Secret too: Contact us for more information, or see if you can find it based on the spy photo above!

Ventura County and the San Fernando Valley

Weekdays and weekends (lucky blokes!), a healthy trials community rides out in Ventura County and the San Fernando Valley, at various private practice locations. Call Bill Merritt at 805-368-0996 for more information. And Bill also asked me to say:
Trials Rules !!!