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Getting Closer...

Dear god please let the BLM paperwork go through. Meanwhile, we got the flier created! Yip yip!



Romoland the Weekend is a month away. The VOTE team has been hard at work creating two wonderful loops and two challenging days of sections. We are always happy to have help, please consider set up, event coordination, and of course, Checking! We will be looking for a full twenty checkers to cover the weekend. I suggesst thinking of riding one day, and checking the other. Great ride, fun to get each perspective, help the club, it is indeed, all good karma.

Think about it...!

Meanwhile, here's an image from last week, to whet your appetite.Romo. Click to go BIG. Come check a section with this view.


Wanna Ride (a whole lot better?)

Of course you do! This just in, for all you already accomplished extreme riders.

Check out what's happening at Motoventures!

Multi-time AMA National Trials Champion and current top AMA National Endurocross Racer, Geoff Aaron, will be conducting a Level 3 Pro riding clinic the MotoVentures Rider Training Center in Anza, CA (Southern California) on Friday January 22, 2016. The theme of this training is: “Trials Techniques for Extreme Off-Road Riders”. Follow the link, if you're extreme enough! Click the Motoventures link above for more info, and tell 'em you heard about it here.




Wait for it...

Pretty awesome day out there, yes? While there will be no event at Romoland this Sunday, we still love the place, and the boys and girls of VOTE (Valley Observed Trials Club) have been hard at work prepping new sections and even digging out some old classics, for the FEBRUARY 20 and 21 Jack/Happy Weekend. Meanwhile, get out there and RIDE.


Happy New Year

Greetings and Happy New Year! We here at So Cal Trials wish you and your families a fantastically awesome year ahead, and very much look forward to seeing all our riders at our events in the coming months. The competition season is well under way, with some pretty dang fun and exciting competitions so far. Looking forward to a renewed second half of the series, starting next month, February 20 and 21 at Romoland (shown below). See you all out in the dirt real soon!


Brad Alred, catching some cool wintery slab action. Romoland.

You all take care, be safe and warm, and may the new year bring you happiness and prosperity. Peace all!

-Damon B.



Happy Holidays from SCTA!

Its's time to take a moment from training for the next trial and reflect on just how lucky we are to live and ride in Southern California. Even luckier is the fact that we have such a lovely trials family here in the SCTA. We want to wish all of you and your families a very happy holiday season, and a safe and satisfying new year. I hope to see all of you at the next trial, which you will note has been moved to February 20th and 21st. Two rounds, one weekend. The Jack Volder Classic and the Happy Trial all in one weekend. How much trials fun can a human stand to bear? Let's find out! Make sure to remind all your riding buddies of the SCHEDULE CHANGE. So be careful over the next week and we will see you next year. Peace, Love, Out!


Changes, Results, and Season Standings

Greetings my fellow trials riders. After five pretty dang awesome rounds of the 2015-2016 SCTA Chamionship Series, we've come to the halfway mark of the season. The results are up from round five, the Big Feet's Big Wood Trial.  We also have the standings, so you can kick back with your warm cocoa, and just soak those numbers up, strategize for the season ahead.

Speaking of the season ahead, we have Round SIX and Round SEVEN, together over one amazing weekend, February 20/21. Did I note that we will not be having an event in January? Yep, two events, both in February, brought to you by the Valley Observed Trials Club! Yes, VOTE. And it will be rocking.

-Damon B


A Change in The Schedule!!

Hi all, PLEASE note we have gone and slightly modified the SCTA Season Schedule. Due to all sorts of screw-ups on my part, we have shifted the January 3 Jack Volder Classic to SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20! Follwed by the Happy Trial, SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 21. A Two-Trial Weekend!

PLEASE make a note of it, let your friends know, and get your (smaller) camping rigs ready!
Please also send any comments my way- I personally read and respond to your comments and questions, and hey- I'm here for YOU.

Finally, please accept my sincerest apologies if this change causes grief and inconvenience. I regret having to toy with the schedule, and I know many of you plan the season around it. I hear you.


Thanks, have a great January!, and the results are now available!

-Damon B,
SCTA President