Two weeks away. Just sayin'.


One-Two Punch!

Holey Moley that was one great weekend! All the kids came out swinging, and the season is most definitely ON. First off, a HUGE thank you to SDTR and Big Feets both. Each event was perfect, with unique challenges each day. Tree tunnels, creek slaloms, and whippy little jumps; the loop gave me a smile-ache. Each section challenged, with Erik Mattson's section 3 being the quintessential son of a beep on Saturday.

About those races... Let me see, Novice class- nice little rumble, with newcomer Ross Douglas taking the day on Saturday. Sportsman had Dave Booth taking charge, with young Shaun Merritt right on his tail.

Over in Intermediate, my Man Russ Victor takes the day, with Gabby right behind. (Must be something in the Santa Rosa water..) Morgan Tanke had saturday's third place, and Cole Cullins, skipping Sportsman classaltogether, getting Intermediate fourth. Watch out grown-ups, here he comes!

Tim Holm is still the man to beat in Clubman A, with Paul Oswald taking Sunday's event. Clubman B- Heck, that was me in first! I know- crazy times. Todd Bennett took a very competitive Advance class on Saturday. Finally, old man Andrew Oldar came out of retirement to firmly win on the Expert line. Ty Cullins, well, he's right there as well. It's only going to get better as the season goes on.

The weather? OMG, after weeks of heat waves and flash floods, the hills of Cahuilla were nothing short of perfect. light breeze, puffy clouds, and angels singing, I swear. Yours truly blasted home, sadly missing Sunday, but the reports are coming in, and I've only heard great things about the day's races.

More later. For now,

Peace love and trials.


Who's Ready to Rumble??

I am, that's for sure. And all of us are ready to kick off our new season with TWO events, in ONE weekend! MotoVentures is all polished up and ready to go.

If you've never ridden an event before, it's time to get off the fence and get on that bike and join us. If you're a regular, we KNOW we'll see you there.

Details can mostly be found on the Competition and Events page, and the map is here. Sign up at about 10:00 on Saturday, and 9:00 on Sunday.


Checkers Rule!

Hi all, a very big thank you to those who volunteered to check. You've stepped it up big time, and we are ready to run! See the awesome list below. These are not the section assignments, just the list of who will be checking each day.

Day 1, Sept 20, Big Feets:

Course Marshall- Don Copeland

1. Andrew Lofquist
2. Erik Mattson
3.Wes Turner
4. Andrew Oldar or Ken Melody
5. Mark Oldar
6. Don W/ Kelly K
7. Carlos Johnston

and on Day 2, Sept 21, SDTR:

Corse Marshall- Mark Miller
1. Rick Jenkins/Tom Hamann
2. Randy Lewis
3. Tim Holm
4. Loretta Holm
5. Jared Malmquist
6. Scott Clark
7. Gabby Caperon
8. Bill Bliven

We also have Ken Melody and Brock Bruggman on Saturday- we'll get it organized Saturday morning!!


-Damon B.


It's a Cahuilla Thing.

Hey, if you want to build a section, and ride some sweet loop this Sunday morning, 9/14, that would be cool. Help is welcome, bring a marker and park just like the guys in the picture above. It's cool like dat.

Thanks. Finally please show maximum respect when on the Cahuila site. We are there for event set-up by permission.

Come show the trials love.


The SCTA Season Opening Weekend.

That's right, this season, trials starts with a bang. We're running Rounds One and Two on one great weekend, September 20 and 21. Saturday we've got Round One: The Rockpile TrialRound One, hosted by the Big Feets, and then Sunday, the San Diego Trials Riders Deliver Round Two. Two clubs, two trials, too much fun. But come on out anyway.Round Two: The Shady Lane Trial

I've just been out at MotoVentures and the riding conditions are great, and there are some fantastically great new trail segments thanks to Marcus Miller and his SDTR crew. It's an impressive feat- beautiful, hand-carved, manzanita singletrack tunnels just big enough for you, your skinny little trials bike, and a big fat smile.

Sections are spotted and under way, and ribbons mark a different loop for each day. There's some brand new sections, and new loop bits to boot. Setting up to be a mighty great weekend, my friend.

New to trials? This is your spot! Your first competition! Mellow fun loop, super easy parking, and a just-right novice line. Go to the AMA, get your license and come on out!

See those thumbnails above?- get your Full Color flier right here.


A Shady Lane, Everybody Wants One...

The Manzanita tunnel beckons... Is that a San Diego Trials Riders trial coming up? Hmm, could be. Stay tuned!

Forgive the Pavement reference. I don't expect EVERYONE to get this stuff!


Practice and Preparation Continues

 There were fourteen vehicles loaded with trials equipment at our secret parctice venue. Braving the blazing sun and 100 degree heat, these riders are as serious as can be. Serious about fun and serious about being prepared for the season opener September 20th and 21st at Cahuilla/MotoVentures. Big Feets Trials Club will be hosting the Saturday event, and Sunday's event will be put on by the San Diego Trials Riders. Two amazing days of trials with our friends at one of the best venues in So Cal. Will you be prepared? I will see you there.

Captain O.