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Summer Break.

Howdy folks,

It's been quiet here at the massive summer mission control center of the SoCal Trials Association Headquarters. Behind the scenes however, we are hearing faint burbly action-like sounds as we dust off our bikes, clean our carbs and get ready for the full-shwing 2017 trials scene. It's not always fun and games. But usually, it is. Wes nailing it.Eight rounds on the calendar, ready for you and your bike. And your kids. This is going to be another great season of kids trials, with the kid fun trials happening before our big people version, at each event.In any event, check out the new calendar, and let's get ready to rumble!
(And not tumble.)



Summertime Funtime, Round TWO!


July 1, 2016


Event Report: MotoVentures First Summer Trials Series Event


The first 2016 summer series trials event took place at MotoVentures on Sunday June 19, which proved to not be the best choice of dates since A) it was Father’s Day and B) it was about 106 degrees hot! Regardless, eight hearty trials riders came out to set up sections and practice. They were able to set up two sections and ride them for about three hours until the heat was just too much to continue. Everyone seemed to enjoy the lo-pressure, fun time, no schedule approach.

MotoVentures is hosting a second summer trials series event on Sunday July 17, but this time it will start at 8am and finishing around noon to try and beat the heat. Come out and join us for some friendly trials competition and skill building. The cost is only $5 with donations to cover costs welcome. For more info call Gary LaPlante at (877) 260-6686.



MotoVentures to Host Summertime Trials Competition Series

Anza Ca --- MotoVentures will host a three-event summertime trials competition series at their private 350-acre trials riding paradise where numerous SoCal (SCTA) trials competitions, AMA Trials Nationals, and the prestigious annual El Trial de Espana have been held.

The dates are: June 19, July 17, and August 28.

These all-volunteer events will be for trials riding only and held on Sunday’s with no camping Saturday night. Sunday morning will be for setting up sections and practicing with a late event start of “noonish” and ending before darkness.

There will be no section checkers and each class will ride together and check each other or just practice the honor system. At the end of the day a ledger will show the class and each participants’ scores, but no series points or trophies will be awarded.

The general idea is to have a super fun, low-stress, beginner and kids oriented summertime practice competition series of events to help keep our skills up and to fill the gap in the SCTA off-season.

Each event will start at noon so come early and help set up sections that could be used for all three events. Let’s see who can build the best sections.

The cost is $5 per person for land use plus a donation would be appreciated to cover the costs.

For directions go to

For more info call Gary LaPlante at (877) 260-6686


Start at 11:00!

Yo kids, get here early, but no start until 11:00!


The Fun Trial: This Weekend at MotoVentures!

Sunday Sunday Sunday! May 22, The annual Fun Trial and season end awards at MotoVentures. Come on out and let's get funning, like now! Kids trial, a team Gate Trial format, and Ironman awards await. It's kind of like everything, all rolled into one great day. Wanna come early and camp? You can do that for small $10 camp fee.

Event will start at 11:00, directions are available on line, over there on the left, or even over there on the right. Or I'll bet you could just Google it. Challenge yourself. And hey- We'll see you there.


Results (revised!), the Fun Trial, and a Summer Series!

Sorry all, the delay has been all my fault. The (corrected) results are posted here. Scroll to the bottom to see the YEAR END STANDINGS!

Fun trial is May 22. $5 fee only! All are welcome. Also, Motoventures will be holding a summer series, Just for kicks! When, you ask?

  • June 12
  • July 17 and
  • August 28


More info on that soon, for sure.

Also, Bill Markham asked that I post this entry form. It is for the Western Youth National. Glorious flier below!Click to see full-size flyer.


Go Bill Merritt! Go!

OK. I am a giant Bill Merritt fan. The man always greets me with a smile and a hug. I love the way he rides, so euro-smooth. I feel like we are brothers separated at birth. No, really! We have the same accent. The same eyes. The same tan. We even have the same body type. He is by far a better engineer and entrepreneur than I am, but I talk louder. (Yes, I am being funny, but I am serious about the brother thing.) Well here is another reason to love Bill Merritt. Bill is an official competitor in this year’s Scottish Six Day Trial!

This event is the New York Marathon of international trials, only it is run through the bogs and moores of Scotland in really bad weather. Bill will be there representing SoCal Trials. This is an epic undertaking that only the most brave and talented riders in the world of trials can or will attempt. No matter how well prepared, the rider (our Bill) will be challenged at every level of the human spirit. Six days of world class trials and Scottish weather will be a daunting task. I am sure Bill will be up to the challenge. The SSDT starts May 2nd and runs to May7th. Bill is flying out next week to prep and position for the event. So if you get a moment post a little something encouraging and keep Mr. Merritt in your positive thoughts during the week of the event. You can track his day to day results at When he gets home I will greet him with a big smile and hug. I cannot wait to hear the stories. Cheers for Sir Bill Merritt!


El Trial Pics!

OK. I get home Sunday night. Gotta go to work on Monday, you know the drill, boss man has no respect for my weekend shenanigans. Monday night I download my pictures. Holy crap, Batman! I took over SIX HUNDRED pictures! So, I start to pick my faves. Then, I crop, color correct, and all that stuff. Anyhow, we have posted some, with more to come.

THANK YOU to EVERY single one of our riders, our spectators, the city of Wofford Heights, Lake Isabella, the BLM, my wife, and of course, Mr. Martin Belair, Captain Paul Oswald and Sir Peter Croft. Love you all, and ENJOY these pics. More words below!