Summertime Happenings


This story, lifted off the ol' facebook:

The Cullins boys had another fantastic weekend at the Western Youth Mototrial Nationals in Colorado. Cole Cullins (left) won the 11& under Championship and Ty won the 15 &under/Overall Youth Championship. All of us here in SoCal are proud of these kids!

This is their last national event for the season and it was a pretty good one, with Ty winning the 125 Expert class and both the Eastern and Western Youth Overall Championships. SCTA Prez, coach, driver, and proud father Chris would like to thank Beta U.S.A. for making this possible, and of course to Mrs. Cullins for holding down the fort while they were away. Well done, men. See you all out at Santa Rosa in preparation for the 2014/2015 season.

(Again, thanks to Chris- I totally grabbed this from his Facebook report!)



The 2014/2015 SCTA Season Schedule!

Hi folks, and happy Independence Day! In between the fireworks, hot dogs and apple pie, please make a note in your calendars for the BRAND NEW SEASON! I'll get it all up and pretty on the Schedule page, but for now, here you go.

August 31 Piutes
Sept. 21 Motoventures
Oct. 4 Lucerne
Nov. 9 Motoventures
Jan. 11 Romoland
Feb. 15 Romoland
March 15 Lucerne
April 5 Keyesville
May 9&10 El Trial Cahuilla (points paying event)


Practice, practice,practice, somebody is practicing!

Greetings! Ah, the lazy days of summer have slowed the trials riding to a near halt. but this weekend, I'll be out at the usual practice spot, finally getting a few rocks under my bike. I mean heck- that 2014/2015 season? She is right around the corner! The other guys in my class? They are not slowing down at all. I know they are out there working on their moves. 

So to all of you, get on out there, get sweaty, and be ready for that fresh clean slate that only a brand spanking new season can bring!

-Your SCTA nagging coach, Damon B.

The new season will be here much faster than you imagine. This is a great time to train for the heat of the season openers. Maybe it was the "World Cup" affect, but Dan Varner, Damon Barda, and I had Santa Rosa all to ourselves Sunday. Don't squander an opportunity to prepare for next  season. Get out there!

Your SCTA nagging coach's coach, Captain O


Best for Last!

Ah, the SCTA Parade of Champions marches on.. and I've saved the dynamic duo for last, because they both exemplified what a competitive season is all about. Namely determination, perserverence, patience, planning, and of course, endless hours of Practice. So, without further adieu, I bring you Tim Holm, 2014 Clubman Champion, and his lovely teamate, Loretta Holm, Novice Champ. Incredible riding all around!

Keepin' it in the family, championship style.You'll also note those Ironman awards as well. I see a trend here with all our champs; apparently riding your ass off all season long, makes you a better rider! OK, I'm in.

Finally to round things up, lets say a hearty congrats to our 2013/2014 Class Champions.

Novice, Loretta Holm

Sportsman, Didrik Thordarson

Intermediate, Carlos Johnston

Clubman, Tim Holm

Advanced, Bruce Davis

Expert, Ty Cullins

Great job, everyone. Thanks to the event organizers, the set up guys, the checkers, sign-up, trophies, webguy even! Watch here for the new season calendar, a TRIALS DEMO in October, and MORE!!

All results may be downloaded here.


Even MORE Champs!

Why, its Bruce Davis, who narrowly, by the slimmest of margins, beat out friend, competitor, and consumate gentleman, Chris Cullins, in the very difficult Advanced class. Watching these guys ride is always stunning. Smile on, Bruce!


Another hard-fought battle!

All season long, the Intermediate class was being contested. These guys, they were there, every step of the way, every rock, log, sandy wash. Every mile from Cahuilla to the Piutes. Big smiles all around for class champ, Carlos Johnston, runner up, Russ Victor, and Dan Varner, taking third.
Well played, men, well played.


Another Championship!

Yes, that's Ty Cullins, freshly shorn, displaying his 2013/2014 Expert Class Championship trophy. Pictured with his capable sponsor, minder, and barber, (And SCTA Prez), Chris Cullins.


From the Tarmac. 

Stuck in a plane, WebGuy posts a photo of Sportsman Class Champion, Didrik Thordarson! Nice riding, and well-deserved.