Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Let's start this week right, brother.
On any Sunday, well this Sunday at least, we'll be at (world famous) Romoland. Getting ready for '15. Jack Volder Classic. Happy Trial. All Romo. All in.


Results from the Veteran's Day Trial

Got 'em up and posted. Check them out, like NOW. Also, I do hope you all like the photos.. Even got one of me in there!


Pictures of You

See a few more of all you, right here.


A few fun pics of the big boys

View them in this gallery here. I'll be getting some more up tomorrow.


What a week!

Ty goes big. Click to go big yourself.If the first day of the week is Sunday, then MY week sure started with a bang. Wanting to take it easy, I elected to 'just' check at the SDTR Veteran's Day Trial. Oh my. What a workout- I hiked up and down that dusty and diabolical sextion six for five straight hours.

And you who rode? You all appeared as if that November day was indeed a toasty one. My section was simply fantastic. No big deal, just the softest bit of downhill moondust off-camber turn this side of Callisto. And every single one of you, Novice to Expert, had to just deal with it. Pete Croft probably had the smoothest ride through, as did Reid Davis. Art Bradford looked great on his line. Paul practices his preachin'. It was just a kick to watch, and the spectators kept sticking around, to see if anyone could solve that damn turn.

Ty came through; after seeing iPhone shots of Reid taking the big rock to escape the section, he manned up and styled the whole dang thing. Nice job.


Thank you SDTR! Thank you Veterans!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to Mark Miller and his San Diego Trials Riders crew! What a super trials we had on Sunday. The weather turned out a little warm but there was a nice breeze. The sections were just perfect in the Clubman class. I heard the same accolades in the other classes as well. Each section was designed with an amazing level of care to safely challenge the rider yet they were fraught with potential difficulty that required maximum effort to be successful. As always it was great to ride with my mates Bill and Shaun Merritt, Bill Hanson and the amazing Peter Croft. We had an excellent adventure all day long. Thanks again SDTR! More photos and coverage soon.

Captain O



Almost Live!

Cole Cullins, smooth. Dad looks on.


Section Six

Carlos: Textbook.