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A word from the Captain

Sometimes you just might miss this, so I am passing along Paul Oswald's much more eloquent words.



Hi Friends,

Tori Carillo and Jake Malmquist. The Stone Trophy and the Markham Trophy. Every name on those two trophies is a formidable reminder of the work and dedication it takes to keep trials going forward, or be successful as a young competitor. Tori and Skyler Corrillo, and the unpictured Joseph. Yeah team!Thank you Tori for all the selfless work and great lunches. Your Youth Trials are just pure magic and important to our sport.

Jake, take a look at that trophy. The names on it are all special. Your name is now on there too. Honor that special notice you have been given by working hard to improve, and be the great example of a young rider on his way to the top, that I know you will be. Congratulations to you. (Dad too!)

No one will ever know (except me and Sarah) how hard Chris Cullins has worked to keep our trials world alive and healthy. Every event, every stake and ribbon, every meeting, literally everyday and every month of the year our president is banging away at making sure things go smoothly on the SoCal trial world. It is a labor of love, it is daunting. Chris, thank you one thousand times! You have done a super job with our organization.

See you all next season!

Paul Oswald


The Kids Are Alright.

Well, as my good old friend Shakespeare would say, All's well that ends well. And this 2014-2015 SCTA Season has finished so very well. First there were the championship awards. Big shout out to our latest round of class Champions, Jake Malmquist, Novice; Grant Alten, Sportsman; Russ Victor, Intermediate; Erik Mattson, Clubman B; Tim Holm, Clubman A; Chris Cullins, Advanced; and Ty Cullins in Expert.

The Youth award went to the young and very dedicated Jake Malmquist. I rode with this young man, and he is super serious, and definitely on the way up. Big things ahead for young Jake, that's for sure.Jake Malmquist and outgoing SCTA President, Chris Cullins.

Also pictured is our outgoing SCTA President, Chris Cullins. Chris has been dedicated to creating a thriving trials scene here for so many years, and we all here at SCTA thank him for all his hard work and persistence. It isn't always easy, or fun, or even cheap, but Chris has always been there to make sure each and every trial, award, stake and ribbon, were done, and done right. Now maybe he can just relax, and ride!

More later, work becons. Thanks for coming out y'all!


Fun: Sun at 11:00

Sorry all. Guess I missed that bit of crucial info. See ya then.


About that Fun Trial..

Howdy all. So, this Sunday is the fun trial, and end of year awards. A few items of note:

We can ONLY ride (for this event only) within the ribboned in area. Very important! As this is not a full-fledged compettition, we have a special permit, and need to stay inside the lines. Please please don't be the guy that gets us thrown off Mount Romoland! Thank you in advance.

But the fun trial: Always fun, kinda goofy, and followed by the end of year awards, for class champions, and IronMan awards, for those that participated in every SCTA event this season. Its awesome, its fun, and before you know it- Next season baby.


Tons of fun(d)

Fund trial, and season series awards, coming right up! That would be June 28. be there! (there being the bright, shiny clean Romoland).


Oh Yes We Did.

Cleaned it! The happiest two words in the sport of trials. Today these words took in an altogether different meaning. Romoland: It's not spotless, but it's one dumpster cleaner that's for sure.


Clean Up, Update.

Actually, this in from Tim Holm, who has been instrumental in getting this day organized.
Hey Guys,
We haven't heard much buzz about this. I know it's probably not the highest thing on a Saturday priority list, but it IS for a good cause; ROMOLAND.

How this whole thing got started was a little bit scary. The way we (the SCTA) was approached was quite intimidating. Apparently there was a "movement" by some of the surrounding neighborhoods to SHUT DOWN Romoland, to us, and everyone else too!

Our solution was to "get close" to these individuals, and become sympathetic to their concerns. We have... and thus the birth of The First Annual Romoland Clean-up Day.

We should have promoted this better and given everyone more notice, but we've all been pretty busy; Keyesville and El Trial has been the priority.

In the past couple of weeks we have really picked up a lot of momentum for this event. The President of a local Homeowner Association, a guy called "Big Mike", has really got things ramped up.
He has recruited the local horse community to bring in reinforcements and somehow gotten Hefty to supply all the trash bags we'll need. He even purchased a dumpster to be placed down at the Korean Church to save us money and time going to the dump.

Now it's time to rap ourselves around this great cause.

If you love riding bikes with no seats; if you've got a truck and a few hours this Saturday morning, it would be nice to see a strong Trials Community showing of support.

We have 7 or 8 people committed so far. I'd like to see that number double.

GGR, Tim


Keep it Clean.

Mr. Jenkins, keeping the Southland clean for you and me.Here's the scoop: Love riding at Romoland? Want to help make it even more awesome, pictureque, and well, even available? Then join us next weekend for the...

First Annual Romoland Clean Up Day.

Saturday May 30*

Tim Holm has been in discussions with Romoland area property owners, who actually are quite positive about motorcycling, and even us trials kooks. The BLM has continually worked with us to hold our Jack Volder Classic and Happy Trials. What these people, and we too, do not like is the abundant litter and trash dumped in the hills of our beloved Romoland. Wallboard, lumber, trash are piled, dumped, and left to spoil. Sad state frankly.

This clean up effort will go a long way in building positive relationships with our outdoor partners, and helps keep doors and access opeen. Further, it  shows that we're serious about taking care of our riding areas, and keeping our lands clean. So, here's the plan, my fellow do-gooder:

9:00 am, Saturday May 30

* If needed, 9:00 am Sunday, 5/31.

No bikes, empty trucks: Bring some work gloves, a rake or whatever, and a sh*tload of garbage bags, and let's clean this place out. There is a section that has had a couch near it for five years running I'll bet. Next weekend, I'm hauling that mother out. There's old plumbing, old trash, bullet shells, probably a dead meth dealer, who knows? Let's pack it out!

Seriously, no bikes this one time.

Figure we'll meet at 9:00 am, clean the pits/staging area, and work our way out from there. Tacos and beer after? Let's talk. Who's with us?

Russ, Pete, Tim, Art B, and you, yes? Please let us know.

Also, I humbly bring you an update of sorts. The 45th Annual El Trial results are now up and posted. Little green color bars have been added to make them even mo' better. I hope you can figure it out, its a touch crazy. But I get it. And Finally, we have also posted the year-end series results! Big huge fat thanks to Tim and Don for all their work, throughout the year. It's all that behind the scenes stuff that make it all work so smooth...