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Wall of the Wild

Apparently, the new slogan just might be 'It's a wall, get over it!'. Brad Certainly has that determination.Click Brad. Make him BIG!

Just a few days away, Round TWO. Welcome new riders, spectators (free!), and the trials faithful. See you at Motoventures, in sunny Anza, CA.


Here comes the rain again...

Just wishful thinking, but hoping Cahuilla Creek gets a bit of wet stuff! See YOU at the Twisted Trial, this Sunday.It could happen.


Get Twisted.

You heard me! Get twisted at San Diego Trials Riders Twisted Motoventure Trial, Sunday, October 11, at 10:00 am! (Obligatory rider's meeting at 9:45, of course).

Fearless flier features SDTR's own; Mr. Bill Bliven, getting all aggresive-like on the Cahuilla boulders.

Marcus and his crew of section builders have been twisting the trails of MotoVentures, twisting throttles upon said trails, and will be hosting ROUND TWO of the SoCalTrials Championship Series. Gotta love the San Diego boys!
Now, go print yourself a flier and stick it to the fridge (with duct tape) so your sig other knows exactly where you are this weekend. Better yet- bring along the family- this is the most mellow drive, and easiest parking, of the entire series.

More details on the Competition and Results page, my friends.

Lastly, please click on the SHARE ARTICLE below, and throw this message all over Facebook, or heck, tweet if that's your thing. Just do it!


The Results are In!

Round 1, all wrapped up. We here at SCTA Headquarters have crunched the numbers, and the results are now available, right here!

I've tried to design the results up a bit, mostly to increase legibilty, and make them just a bit more starightforward, and modern.Do head over to the results page, or get 'em here. Leave a comment below, and let us know what you think, or what you thought of the event. My feeling the trial was pretty dang spot-on. Tough sections for sure, very few gimme's, and a sweet and mellow loop.
Saturday's group loop ride proved very insightful, and gave the newer riders a good opportunity to understand how the whole thing was put together, and how the splits all worked. Hearing Todd explain how easy everything was, well that was definitely a hoot.
Saturday night, free tires, burned karate blocks (you had to be there), and festivities under the super-moon.

This is SoCal Trials, Plonkers style, and it feels good.

Peace, Love and Trials,

-Damon B,

SCTA President.


Wait for it.....

Seriously, sorry for the wait! The results are being tabulated tonight. And made all shiny and new, and available soon! I could tell you my sob story, but no matter. I am on 'em!


I Goofed!

Yep. You all may have received a sweet event calendar in the mail, and it has one big screw-up! Please refer to this updated calendar. For the record, Big Feets will host the Keyesville event on December 6. VOTE will host the February 21 Romoland 'Happy Trial'. The calendar is correct on our events page.

The corrected calendar should look like this: click it to see full size, or click the link above to get a nice little PDF. Extermely sorry for the confusion. Whah!Feet up,

Damon B,
SCTA President and haphazard proofreader.


A Perfect 10.

Madden, Rowlett, Patrick, and Johnny, with Todd at right.

Greetings riders,
Well, here's a super-quick Plonkers SlabTember FEST! Wrap-up:

A perfect 10 sections, some of them 10% more sporty than usual, and just 10 degrees warmer than perfect! (Which in my book, is just perfect.) Perfectly paced loop, a free set of tires (which i do not think will fit an Oset), and a full moon to boot. If you stayed a bit late: Eclipse! Yeah, we did that.

Anyhow, more keen observations, witicisms, and photographic wonder, later on. (Web guy is stuck in a plane.)
Results soon too. Stay tuned!

Damon B.


Breaking News! This weekend, Slabtember 26th and 27th!

Dateline: Lucerne Valley.

Yep, it's time to get your SoCalTrials on. The pre-season rides are all under your belt. Long hours in the desert sun practicing figure eights and floaters have honed you into a mean and lean, trials machine. The bike?: Clean air filter, new tires, and a new sticker or two. Oh yes, Schreiber, you're ready for action, and you know it. A little shucking and jiving, jap-zapping, rock hopping, dab-free action. You own this season. Bring it.
Bring it to Cougar Buttes this weekend and prove it, my friend. Our first competitive event of the season is on Sunday, September 27th, and there is plenty of action on Saturday as well. All the info is on the flier, and on the event page. The hand made, artisanally aged flier is available here, and also at your mailbox, like today or tomorrow. (Sorry, blame the graphics guy- his day job got in the way).

Also, we're happy to introduce a few new faces to the SCTA leadership group this weekend:

Faces such as our new SCTA Treasurer, Don Copeland. Don brings a deep knowledge of process and business acumen to this role, and will be key in maintaining a clear and transparent financial picture for all the member clubs. We thank Tim Holm for his tireless and thorough job and running the SCTA bank last season.
Then there's new SCTA Membership Director, Bill Hanson. Bill, with his amazing spreadsheet savvy and organizational skills  will help keep sign-ups, memberships, and rider contact information relevant and emminently useful. So very 21st century!
Returning SCTA Secretary, Pete Croft, who industriously scribes the words and ideas of SCTA board meetings as if his brain were a tape deck. Plus he's always good for a story or two, mate!
And lastly, your humble new SCTA President, Damon Barda. Hey wait- that's ME! I have some big boots to fill, following our outgoing president Chris Cullins. Chris has performed a stalwart job of running the SoCal trials machine for the last 4 years. But hang on to your hats folks, I'm giving it my all. Promise. We're going to have some serious fun this year, and next. And maybe even the next!

I look forward to being a part of a most wonderful season of trials. A season of fun, friendship and camaraderie. Four clubs, putting on the best nine trials in this here nation. That's right; we're number one, all of us, so let's ride. And remember, SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL CLUB.

If you are a new rider or seasoned vet, an enduro old-timer or bicycle trials crossover, welcome. We aren't too picky. (We let my brother and I ride, for example). Grab your bike, load up the rig, bring an appetite for adventure, and come on out to the 'Buttes. This weekend.

I personally guarantee a great time will be had by all.Viva la Trial!Thank you for your dedication and passion for sport,
    -Damon Barda, SCTA President.

And once more; shout out, peace out, and thank you for everything Chris, and Sarah, Cullins! You leave a legacy to our sport.Thanks for the service, dedication , and passion to trials, Chris!