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Start at 11:00!

Yo kids, get here early, but no start until 11:00!


The Fun Trial: This Weekend at MotoVentures!

Sunday Sunday Sunday! May 22, The annual Fun Trial and season end awards at MotoVentures. Come on out and let's get funning, like now! Kids trial, a team Gate Trial format, and Ironman awards await. It's kind of like everything, all rolled into one great day. Wanna come early and camp? You can do that for small $10 camp fee.

Event will start at 11:00, directions are available on line, over there on the left, or even over there on the right. Or I'll bet you could just Google it. Challenge yourself. And hey- We'll see you there.


Results (revised!), the Fun Trial, and a Summer Series!

Sorry all, the delay has been all my fault. The (corrected) results are posted here. Scroll to the bottom to see the YEAR END STANDINGS!

Fun trial is May 22. $5 fee only! All are welcome. Also, Motoventures will be holding a summer series, Just for kicks! When, you ask?

  • June 12
  • July 17 and
  • August 28


More info on that soon, for sure.

Also, Bill Markham asked that I post this entry form. It is for the Western Youth National. Glorious flier below!Click to see full-size flyer.


Go Bill Merritt! Go!

OK. I am a giant Bill Merritt fan. The man always greets me with a smile and a hug. I love the way he rides, so euro-smooth. I feel like we are brothers separated at birth. No, really! We have the same accent. The same eyes. The same tan. We even have the same body type. He is by far a better engineer and entrepreneur than I am, but I talk louder. (Yes, I am being funny, but I am serious about the brother thing.) Well here is another reason to love Bill Merritt. Bill is an official competitor in this year’s Scottish Six Day Trial!

This event is the New York Marathon of international trials, only it is run through the bogs and moores of Scotland in really bad weather. Bill will be there representing SoCal Trials. This is an epic undertaking that only the most brave and talented riders in the world of trials can or will attempt. No matter how well prepared, the rider (our Bill) will be challenged at every level of the human spirit. Six days of world class trials and Scottish weather will be a daunting task. I am sure Bill will be up to the challenge. The SSDT starts May 2nd and runs to May7th. Bill is flying out next week to prep and position for the event. So if you get a moment post a little something encouraging and keep Mr. Merritt in your positive thoughts during the week of the event. You can track his day to day results at When he gets home I will greet him with a big smile and hug. I cannot wait to hear the stories. Cheers for Sir Bill Merritt!


El Trial Pics!

OK. I get home Sunday night. Gotta go to work on Monday, you know the drill, boss man has no respect for my weekend shenanigans. Monday night I download my pictures. Holy crap, Batman! I took over SIX HUNDRED pictures! So, I start to pick my faves. Then, I crop, color correct, and all that stuff. Anyhow, we have posted some, with more to come.

THANK YOU to EVERY single one of our riders, our spectators, the city of Wofford Heights, Lake Isabella, the BLM, my wife, and of course, Mr. Martin Belair, Captain Paul Oswald and Sir Peter Croft. Love you all, and ENJOY these pics. More words below!


El Trial de Espana Update: Huge Success Edition!

Two days of near perfect weather. A riding venue in the Southern Sierras that is always special. 72 riders. A mind bending, unreal exhibition of otherworldly skills thrown down by the country's best trials riders. An acre of smiles when we look out from sign up! Yes. Yes the 46th El Trial de Espana was a massive success! Thank you to each and everyone of our 72 riders (17 from NorCal, thank you guys and girls, the support is much appreciated). Super big thank you to our 20 checkers who made it all go smoothly out there in the trenches. Sign up was nice and tidy, running like clockwork thanks to all of you who gave a hand under the awning. "Above and beyond" thank yous to Prolong Super Lubricants for the cool checker "swag bags"! At the center of the El Trial Universe, Damon Barda kept all the "plates spinning" with grace and humor. Thank you Damon for the heroic effort all weekend long! I had a great weekend. Thank you all! I want to see all of you next year at the 47th El Trial de Espana! (We will get some photos and results up soon).


El Trial de España Update: The Getting Antsy Edition.

Hi everyone. El Trial is upon us, this very weekend. As president of the Southern California Trials Association, I am honored to be a part of the history of this event. Knowing it's origins, it's longevity, just gives me goosebumps. I sincerely do not want to screw this up!

Many folks have helped us get to this event, volunteered their time, negotiated with the federal government, and driven hundreds of miles on their personal time to set up the course. The schedule is below, and I hope to see all of our hundreds of members (yes, hundreds) at the event. Riding, checking, or even just spectating. If anything, please at least stop on by thebardhut camptastic mobile for an after-event beverage. I’ll bring a couple of extra cans of mexico’s finest.

Sadly, I have been immersed in the throes of a new job, and it has been beyond difficult to keep up with this beast. I never made a proper flyer. We still need a FIVE more checkers. There is probably still one more section to build. But rest assured; our show will go on, and it will be huge. We have pro riders coming from all points across the states, and this is our chance to show off what SoCal Trials is all about. So join me, and ALL of the SoCal clubs, at the 46th running of El Trial.

Peace, love and trials,
-damon b.


El Trial Update: The Captain's call to ACTION!

Hi Friends,

I am in Tokyo having some Ramen with my flight attendants when our host (Mr. Ishiwakara) notes that I am sporting some Montesa team gear. Recognized me from an old photo of me checking an exhibition section years ago. Turns out "Ish" as I now call him is a big fan of Moto Trials and asks if I know Fujinami. I say I do. Ran with him at the US World Round. Saki flows. We chat. "Ish" asks about El Trial de Espana. I am "flabbergasted" that he would ask. I ask him how he knows about ETDE. He says he visits the SoCalTrials website often.He knows that Team Montesa AND Team Sherco are on their way to a showdown for the coveted El Trial de Espana Sword of Victory in Sunday's final! He also knows of the two day/two Moto format that is unique to this one event. Mr. Ishiwakara related to me that it was his great loss not to have attended the 45th annuall ETDE and he apologized for being unable to attend this year's 46th version. More Saki. We say our goodnights and ride the bus back to the hotel. Good night "Ish". I sincerely hope to see Mr. Ishiwakara standing alongside one of the El Trial exhibition sections next year. I am sure he'll be there.

So ther you go! People the world over know about the 46th annual El Trial de Espana! The best, the largest, and most fun event of it's type with bags of history. But this event does not build itself. Our section engineers have been designing and building loops and sections of undeniable glory! Our legal team has secured every permit and permission imaginable to allow the event to go forward. You say, "Captain, what shoud I do now"? Here is what YOU can DO. I need you to volunteer some time. Help at sign up is always needed. I know all of you are excellent checkers. Please CHECK one day. Help us clean up the event after it is all over. Give us an hour of your time to pull ribbon and clean up. Every little bit of help is cherished by YOUR club. Ride a day and work a day (or an hour if thats all you have). New sections, new loop, two days of "redline awesome" trials riding with your 'buds. See you there. Cheers! Captain O.

STEP IT UP! You will volunteer now.
We need checkers for each day, and don't forget, checking one day gives you a nice advantage in the overall event, as the scores are tallied for each day. If you check, you win one day. Please join these WINNERS on the list. So far we have:

Saturday 4/16:
1. Manfred Ochsner
2. Todd Bennett
3. Damon Barda
4. John Sides
5. Jason Forrest

Sunday 4/17:
1. Paul Oswald
2. Mike Jenkins
3. Rick Spruell
4. Chris Cullins
5. Russ Victor
6. Darrell Palmer
7. Randy Lewis
8. The legendary Gary Stewart
9. Don Copeland
10. Grant Alten