The real deal.

OK. The color flier is pictured below. The Very cool black and white flier is in the publishing process, so clear an area on your refrigerator, and watch your mailboxes.The final. Good thing I get paid by the hour. Ha. Seriously, I don't. Get paid.


Enough of this Happy Stuff!

First off, we have now posted the season standings! Find them on our results page, along with all the wonderful SCTA archives. The races are really getting tight, right at the top of the classes. Season is more tham half over, so suck it up and bring it on. in a few short weeks, plan your weekend thusly:About time I featured one of SoCal's best and brightest, Brad Hannon.So, hear me now and beleive me later: Happy is out. Shamrock's in. Circle of life, baby. Round 7. Lucerne.


Happy Results from the Happy Trial

All hail Tim the Scorekeeper! Results are in, and posted. How did you do, amigo? 


We hope you're Happy Now.

I am. Very happy.

Lots of pictures to go through (Thanks Nichole D!). Results are already in the works (Thanks Tim Holm!). The loop and all the pink ribbon are picked up, and Romoland can rest until next season. Big Big thanks to Paul O, for helping me out whenever I got too frazzled. Go Gabby, Go!Thanks to Russ V for always being the first guy to show up to help. Art Bradford, Bill Hanson and Darrell Palmer for doing all the little things. Chris for lugging all the signup crud (always!). And Sarah and Loretta- Rocking the scorers table too! Life is good.Brad getting up the skinny rock on Section 1.

Trials don't just happen. It takes people. Next up- Plonkers in Lucerne. You will definitely want to be there!


All good in the Hood

Ty, kicking it


The Secret List Revealed?

If all goes according to my diabolical plan, these are the people, and the very sections they will be at. Be super nice to them. Make them happy. It'll be fun, I promise.Random garage picture. No secret meaning.

The crew, their domain:

Sect 1/Course Marshall: Damon/Paul

Sect 2. Darrell Palmer. Section close to staging, stop on by, spectators!

Section 3. Tori C. The View West.

Section 4. Don W/Kelly C. Shady bits, northern slope.

5. Art B and Joseph C. With newly crafted tree tunnel.

6. Mike Jenkins. Fun boulder hops!

7. Michael Salsman. The WAY out there section. Mega-cool up!

8. Didrik T. Awwww, A grassy meadow...

9. Austin Victor (NATC Certified). A cool jump for my clubbies that I love so much.

10. Tim Holm. Clyde crafted, really big, and moon dust turns. Spine tingling.

See y'all there. And please abideby about the permit-mandated practice limitations.


Why so Happy?

Why Happy? kind of a goofy name for a sporting event, no? Let me offer a brief explanation.

Several years back, I was asked to help organize a trial, at Romoland. Paul calls it Romodome. We all call this place something, right? Well, I kind of thought Romoland, then Disneyland, because, Disneyland is (of course) is the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’. We fashioned a little old-school Disney rip-off logo.

From there, over the course of 2 years we found the word ‘Happy’ thrown around quite a bit when describing the trial. So, today, our little (almost) spring classic is known as the Happy Trial. And it indeed is Happy!


Mo Info

Happy Trial Maps are here! use this to get to the event, and get there in time for the rider's meeting. Hate to ask this, but we'll need ALL RIDERS to limit themselves to the practice area, or the loop, or the sections.

See that green area in the map image above? That's where we are allowed to practice on race day.

Please do not ride just anywhere. Ride here, or the loop. I know it sounds extreme, but please for this one day, stay in the lines. You can ride the sections after the event, but on 'race day' these be the rules.

Thanks so much,

-Damon and Paul, Happy Trialers.