Romoland. Now with 20 percent more Happy.

Seriously. Something is getting everyone all happy.

Richard, Renata, and Randy share a sunny moment, you know where.


Be Happy. Be Very Happy.

Three weeks away! Let the anticipation begin! Ten new sections on the same old super spaghetti shaped loop. Be happy indeed.

Pssst! Wanna check, let us know.


The Great Leap Forward

Hey there, my fellow trials riding people. So, over the Christmas break, I (the web guy) got myself one cool new camera. (Actually not new, but eBay new, which is good enough for my budget). And not a big bad-ass DSLR, but a neat little retro number, with a big sensor, and the ability to shoot up to 12 frames a second. Still just playing around, trying to figure out all them bells and whistle things. But I do like how I was able to catch Pat Smage taking this great leap across the desert. Note Mr. Kako in the lower right. Yes, it's a pretty huge gap. Enjoy.

AND: Get ready for the Happy Trial! Just 3 weeks out, amigos.

Heck, we already have FIVE checkers for sure. Let us know if you'd like to join. It's free!

So far, we've got

1. Paul Oswald

2. Joseph C

3. Tori C

4. Mike Jenkins

5. Damon B


Tres Guerreros

Well first, let me say, the results are in! The cards are counted, and the winners have emerged, mud-soaked, battle scarred, triumphant. It was just the kind of day that brings out the best. Well done, everyone. Download the results here.

Now on to the group above. The aptly-named Tres Guerreros. Paul Oswald, Bill Merritt, and Tim Holm. Clubman A. Year after year, these guys battle one another, and the elements. Sunday was no different. At Section 7, the group spent quiet and focused time reviewing their lines, guaging how little friction the wet rocks might offer, if any. From my foggy perch, the view truncated by the mist, these three riders amazed at every single loop.

At day's end, Captain Oswald took top honors, but by a scant three points. The true value in checking a trial is watching these gritty battles unfold.


It rained all day. It was perfect!

If you missed it...Even the checkers were all smiles! Cole displays his mudness. I am sorry, but you had a chance at riding an amazing trial at an amazing venue and you missed it. Damon and I will have more later. Thanks to VOTE, the checkers, Chris and especially Sarah Cullins who maitained the sign up station throughout the day despite the down pour. What a great event!

To be honest, the whole drive to Romoland in the early morning was constant rain, with some drizzle. But you know trials, it is about overcoming obstacles. So a little rain, well that just makes the event that much more a test. All classes were represented, 40 riders in all. very few abandoned. Some of best rides, and worst cleans- I saw it all. Good stuff.

Join us next month, February 15 to be exact, for the Happy Trial, also at Romoland! Rain or shine.Probably my most epic pic of the day. Todd was pretty intensely focused, for sure.Bliven getting all Scottish on us.


Rain or Shine

That's how we roll. Just sayin'.


Romoland: The Checker Situation.

Two days until The Jack Volder Classic, at ROMOLAND. We have JUST about met our quota, to cover all 10 hand-crafted and lovingly sited sections. To date these folks have committed: C'mon now, one or two more? Let us know.

1. Chris Cullins

2. Ty Cullins

3. Mike 'Taters' Jenkins

4. Dan Varner

5. Art Bradford (Stepping it UP!)

6. Damon B.

7. Loretta Holm (best helmet in trials)

8. Verne Lofquist

9. Reid Davis

10. YOU????

Hey, we'll even take extras! Let us know, and thanks, and dont forget to check the weather and everything. It could be epic! I mean just check out this cat:

Mr. Russ Victor getting it up at the Romodome. So to speak!

And, if you would like a really hi-res version of this bad-ass picture of Mistor Victor, you know, for your desktop or something, you can get it right here. You're welcome.


What's Romoland Really Like?

Funny you should ask. See, my buddy Tim was getting SO darn jacked up for the first trial out at Romo, he sent us this great image, that well, really captures the mega excitement surrounding Romo. I know the SCTA Trials series has now arrived at round 5, but it just feels so fresh and so, so, rrrrRRRReady to RRRRRRUMBLE!!!!

Anyhow, see you there. We might not have fireworks. But then again we might.Many thanks to Racer X. This photo came from their website. Please do not sue us!

Please note, we still can use 4 checkers. Let us know, we'd love to have you, and hey- FREE LUNCH for all checkers. Also, better maps available on the Competition and Results tab.