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The Southern California Trials Association is a not-for-profit association that promotes the sport of Moto-Trial in Southern California. It is made up of our four local member clubs: SDTR, VOTE, Big Feets and Plonkers, who regularly stage local Southern California Moto-Trial events for all classes and skill sets, ranging from kids under 10 through expert and pro.

Your SCTA Board Members are:

President - Damon Barda

Vice President - Currently Vacant

Treasurer - Don Copeland

Secretary - Pete Croft

Rules Commitee - Pete Croft, Paul Oswald and Martin Belair.

Bill Hanson - Membership and Sign Up Director

The Board meets 4 times a year, to review the state of our sport, establish the competition schedule, review and publish competition rules, and to coordinate both the running of El Trial de Espana, and our association with the AMA-NATC National Championship Series. We also figure out printing needs for all our events, determine trophies, etc.

Member clubs independently organize the events, which includes course setup, gathering and assigning checkers (section observers), and distribution of trophies. Being a member of a club is the best way to promote and enjoy all that the sport has to offer.

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Big Feets