Game On.

The 2019/2020 SCTA Trials Championship season opener. September 29, 2019

Ah, sweet sweet September. Trials season. The seminal start of SoCal Trials, appropriately held in the sublime Mojave Desert.

Emphatically opening the 2019/2020 season, The Plonkers Trials Club present The Grueling Granite Trial. Ten expertly crafted sections of challenges, scattered along a twisty desert track of sand and stone. A veritable grand tour of my beloved Mojave.

Sunday of course is the trial; the $40 entry/sign up will only be available at the event. No online sign up will be available for this event. Saturday afternoon we will be partaking in the Adventure Ride, climbing up then down the old ‘national loop’ to the plaques. If you are feeling sporty, come along! The trek is challenging, but the view and crew is so worth it. You will have plenty of time to rest,.. Wait, no- Saturday night, it’s the tire raffle and campfire festival!


adventure awaits

The view, the crew. The Adventure Ride to the plaques.

Stay tuned to the Calendar page for the latest news, checker info, and extra bits.

Brad at Buttes.jpg

A shady respite.

Brad Hannon, chilling between the steep bits, while leading the mototour along Saturday’s venerable Adventure Ride.