Ready to Ride.

The shiny new SoCal Trials Season! It’s here!

And who is ready to ride? Well, from all the activity of y’all on Facebook, to the messages we get here at the website, YOU are. And this guy here, Mr. CR; he is definitely ready to ride! And maybe even have a nice little campfire, a ride out to the Plaques, and who knows what else?! And I am ready too. Bring it on, and bring it now, say us.
But with the new season come a few new changes.

So. It’s 2019. What is New?

For starters, the prices have changed.

1. $40 entry fee for all Main events for riders aged 18+ at the day of the event

2. $0 entry fee for all Main events for riders aged under 18 at the day of the event

3. $25 entry fee for Family Trials events, all riders regardless of age. We will be having Family Trials events, the Saturday before Rounds 4, 5 and 6. More on these later!

4. No online sign up for Plonkers/Lucerne events (Round 1, this weekend and Round 7) and Family Trials (Saturdays before R4 Keysville, R5 Romoland, R6 Ridgecrest). Cash or Check at event sign up only. Thanks for understanding, and going old school for us.

5. SCTA Membership is FREE. Club Affiliation is still very important as it has to do with Members involvement in events set up and checking. I still need to figure out how the club is gathering that you are a member. More later!

6. A valid AMA Membership is mandatory to enter ANY event (Main or Family Trials, regardless of age)

7. No AMA Membership application accepted on behalf of SCTA at event sign up. Riders have to do it online, on their own prior to the event (it can be the day of the event, anytime before Riders Meeting, as long as sign up desk is open).

All this and more, at the Rider’s Meeting, 9:45 Sunday.