Piute Time.

Trials in the Piutes.

Yes, the quiet and creaky SCTA website is back off the summer break, and ready to get all trials, all the time! Starting this weekend, even. If you follow our very lively Facebook page, you will know that this weekend, up high in the mighty Piute Mountains, there is a small fun trial, and associated fun riding, and after-riding good times. All wonderfully distant from the grid, the cell towers, the cable TV. If you need a map let us know, via the Contact Us at the bottom of the page. It’s kind of low key that way.

Need a map? Let us know.

I could write some more clever copy here, But my good friend Gabby says it all so well:

Hello Trials Friends,

The Summer is almost over and the highly coveted special event, Round 0, at Charlie’s Palace in Piutes is upon us.

When: Aug 31 @ NOON

Where: Piute Mountain, CA

Format: Fun Trial

Entry fee: $0

Piute Mtn is a remote and mostly private place at about 7,000 ft, loosely located between Jawbone Canyon and Lake Isabela. SCTA started to hold events in Piutes in various capacity in 2012. Piutes is a special place on its own, but it’s particularly amazing for all sorts of riding. Charlie Rowlett, a longtime Plonkers member, happens to own a nice property up there and hosts the Annual Charlie’s Piutes Fun Trial.

Here more info if you never been there:

Camping: YES (Friday thru Monday), plenty of flat spaces to park sleep-in vans or built tents

Big rigs: not recommended (the road is a bit steep with hair pins)

2WD vehicles: OK (you don’t need AWD to get there)

Water on site: some, but not for drinking

Hook ups: non

Cell coverage: non (there is a satellite on site for emergency communication)

Grocery store/food source: non

Liquid source: typically available, more info thru direct message

Gas source: non

Fun source: widely available, free of charge

How to get there: please sent me a direct message thru FB, I will provide you a detailed maps/directions

Here is how things typically go in Piutes:

Friday: arrive whenever, find yourself a camping spot, come join us at Charlie’s Palace for a friendly chat & a camp fire. BYOB + camping chair.

Saturday: in the morning we put final touches to the loop and sections. Help if you like or just enjoy yourself. Around 11.30 am we meet at Charlie’s Palace for a Riders Meeting. At noon we start riding sections. Self-scoring format, loop cards are provided. First loop we typically ride in a group, for the fun of it. Second and third loop are individual. We mostly ride the sections many more times than just 3x :) The whole event is meant as one big practice for the upcoming season, especially if you had not been riding much over the Summer. New riders are very welcomed and encouraged to join this special event. It’s fun and there is no pressure. You can ride any section as many times as you like. And there are always plenty of experienced riders to help you out if you choose so.

In the evening, we gather again at Charlie’s Palace for a campfire chat and other night entertainment (never short on that one in Piutes :)

Sunday: free riding, sections will be still in. A possible adventure ride (most typically to the “airplane crash”...there is an actual crashed airplane :) BRING YOUR GOOGLES!!! Piutes tend to be dusty when riding in a larger group. The ride is under 24 miles, most trials bikes can make it on a single tank (except for mine of course :))

Most ppl choose to leave Sunday afternoon. Staying until Monday is an available option.