Riders Ready!

2019/2020, lets get it on.

Dateline SoCal Trials Association headquarters.

Subject: 2019/2020 Trials Competition Calendar

2019/2020 is HERE. The racing schedule is UP. The details are emerging. The competition fees have been revised. We have nine events, including the opening and final rounds of the California State Championship. We have kids trials, fun trials, and family trials. All strewn across the next 12 months, so hang on to your helmets. There’s a whole bunch of new going on, my friends:


18 and older: $40 per event

17 and younger: Free entry*

Online or at-event sign up, same price

*Youth Rider's Fee of $0; rider under 18 yrs old the day of event.

SCTA Membership: FREE

Pretty simple, right? As always, please register online before the event. Makes it so much easier on race day!


Current AMA Membership is required, and shall be presented at event sign up. AMA sign-up at events will NOT be available at events. However, AMA membership can be done online from any of our locations (all SCTA events locations have excellent signal).

Behind the scenes here at the website, we now have a better organized calendar, with the ability to drill down to event details more intuitively. Simply click on any event you see in the calendar, and more information will be available. More updates soon.

Finally, follow our blog, or just check out the Competition Calendar, for the latest.