The Big E Trial

The Big E Trial. March 17, At Cougar Buttes.

Dateline March 2. Winter continues to drop its rains, here in the highly saturated Costa Mesa webquarters. Cabin fever for now, the bike sitting snugly in the dry garage. Two short weeks out however, the Plonkers bring us their highly anticipated and revered spring trial, as only the Plonkers can. This makes me smile, because a Plonkers desert trial is a very unique thing- otherworldy terrain; boulders, rocks and slabs tossed along a desert floor stretching for miles; skies blue as Pantone 292.

The next Plonkers trials event is on Sunday, March 17th, 2019, and is titled The Big E Trial, in honor of our dear friend, the great “LarrE with an E, Butterfield”. This special event will include the ceremonial placing of a granite plaque in LarrE’s honor, on the now famous Plonkers Plaque Rock.

The plaque ceremony will take place on Saturday March 16th, 2019 and will be the focus of the classic Saturday Plonkers “‘Adventure Ride”. The rocky trail to Plaque Rock is a tough one, and recommended for Intermediate and above riders. For those who prefer not to ride in, a 4x4 shuttle will be provided that will get you within a quarter mile. From there, a Plonkers member will guide you on foot to the ceremony location. A classic point in the middle of nowhere, the panorama from this area is not at all to be missed.

The gang at Plaque Rock. March, 2017

The gang at Plaque Rock. March, 2017

Now about THIS Sunday. Santa Rosa Sunday is sounding like a very good thing to do. Just a little wet dirt and slippy stones. Just like one is supposed to practice on. And lord knows I need me some practice. See you there?