Rainy Days and Sundays

Rainy days never do get us down. And come to think of it, the skies they’ve been a-raining plenty, soaking the greenery at Romoland like it’s Portland or something. But every visit over the last month has been an absolute beauty, with blustery, threatening skies, with absolutely no rain in them. Panoramic vistas everywhere, always with a bright green horizon line. Freaking perfect perfect weather for trials.

And trials we shall have. in 6 short days, the VOTE doubleheader goes down, rain or shine.
Now. About that rain. First off, the dirt: freaking soft loamy wonderpuff stuff. The course loops; sweet and funatical. Twenty sections, over two days, each of them an emerald dare, taunting you. Sign up now, get your gear and your AMA card straightened out and then get on out there, because Erik and his crew have built an epic, epic thing. So nice to see it all come together!
With some help of course, from Mother Nature.


Actually it’s about twice this green.

Could it be? Why it is! It’s the geek in green! Me!