A new year, a fresh rain-soaked start to the second half of this; our 2018/19 Championhip. 

The winter has rested us, as we cozied by the fire. The many ceremonious thousand-calorie meals of the holidays have come to stay. We are comfortable, sedentary. Well, enough of that, say I! Time to tighten the bolts on that bike, and the waistband on that muffin top. Frankly, it is time to ride! And what better way than to ride Romoland.

February 16 and 17, the Valley Observed Trials Enthusiasts host rounds 5 and 6 of the 2018/19 Championship, at the perennial spring home of southern California trials, Romoland. Just east of highway 215 and Perris, this small rocky gem becomes the backdrop of our two events in two days, the Jack Volder Classic, and the aptly named Happy Trial, on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

Two days of stunning views, perfectly splendid and twisted singletrack, and heavenly sections await. To ride, or even be a checker this weekend, is an opportunity that comes but once a year. Do mark your calendar. Do volunteer to help set up, and of course we always welcome checkers! Sign ups will be on this site soon, and clean up efforts and section setting is happening even today. Come be a part of it.