A Fresh Start

Here we are. A fresh and new season of Southern California Trials, stretching from September all the way to April, 2019. Nine rounds, just ahead. Prepare yourself, free up the weekends, and get ready to indulge in the sweetest competition in motorsports, the Southern California Trials Association 2018/2019 Championship Series!

Round ONE, of the aforementioned nine rounds, is this weekend. Slabtemberfest 2018, September 23 at Cougar Buttes. Hosted by the ever-rambunctious and at times mischievous Plonkers Trials Club, they seriously do the desert right, with a loop that runs straight across the mesa to my favorite spot, the quarry, and circles back and forth and around the buttes for ten full-on sections of quartz and sand, under the cool sapphire skies of late summer.


Seriously focused Ryan Miller, Beta launching.

If you at all can, you must arrive on Saturday. There will be an adventure ride, for the brave and strong. The camping is flipping beautiful, and the campfire is legendary. Then of course, Sunday we get serious, and we ride. For real. Don’t forget to sign up online, which you can do, clear until Saturday. But don’t delay, Jay.

See YOU at the Buttes.