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Good afternoon folks. Can't hardly believe, but the Return of the Bloody Elbow is only like THREE days away! So please, do remember these few things:
The Classic Plonkers Adventure Ride to the plaques will be this Saturday at 1:00 PM. At the top, pay homage to Art Webster and Mark ‘The Colonel’ Hogan.  Ride it, love it, and get your well-deserved commemorative laser etched dog tag!  Come on, you know you want to. There's even an easy back way, if you want to see this amazing panorama pictured above.

Lucerne MapNoted.jpg

Also, There is a BIG raffle Saturday night at the campfire!  (I know, right?). Lots of cool stuff, including a set of trials tires! Take Camp Rock Road, to Granite, the turn right, just after you go under the power lines. My pretty deluxe and very custom map is above. If you're coming out at night (GABBY), please use it! You're welcome.

Maybe a touch of rain, so be ready for that. Aw crap- TIME CHANGE is Saturday night, so don't oversleep. And beyond that, bring a cold one for me!

Finally, how many people do you recognize above?