No really. It's a word. Plonkerific. The whole weekend, last weekend. I think it started Friday night, technically. Which quickly became Saturday morning. Saturday was a blur, with a misty morning, Adventure rides, bike repairs, loop cards and data entry. (Yes, this too is trials). The evening brought rain, umbrellas and campfires, and... PLONKERS Air Freshener! Yep. We finally found out just what Gabby's most embarrassing moment was. (Sorry, had to be there).
Sunday, we ride. Or we rode. And some of us even checked. I am pretty sure all of us were smiling, at least I know you were when you came by MY section. My section was epic in both panoramic views and looseness. But, not a drop of rain on race day, and if you bailed because of clouds? Oh, so sad.


Remus gets his clean.

The kickin' view at Section Five.

Pros Josh Roper and Daniel Blanc-Gonnet were there, as were like all my best trials buddies. Fresh cookies were shared, someone left me beer, Paul retrieved my (rather fashionable) sunglasses, and everyone was just giddy. Must have been the weather. Plonkerific.