Lucky you.

You know how lucky you are? You got to ride Keyesville. And that is some mighty good fortune.

If you were anywhere in Southern California this weekend, consider yourself lucky. If you were at Keyesville on Sunday, consider yourself truly blessed.
The gods of trials were shining so very bright. A frosty morning lost the battle to coffee and glorious sunshine, and as course marshal Scott Head reminded us; the earth was wet, the dirt would be glorious. And so it was. The day was such a wonder, the rollercoaster loop had me arriving at every section winded and laughing. Sections were perfectly marked, and well hey- nice penmanship on the cards, too! These things count. All the checkers were all smiley and happy, and we had quite the collection of spectators at the lowcountry sections. Heck- even the BLM showed up and was very supportive, excited about our sport- our Karma was now in full swing.

IImmediately, I fived my first section. Consider it an offering I guess.

Super Kudos and happy stars to Gabby and her amazing team, The Keysville Crew:

Course Marshal - Scott Head
Medic - Joseph Carillo
Lunch Lady - Tori Norton-Carrillo
Sign Up - Darrell Palmer, Gabriela Caperon
Scoring Table - Pam Lovett and Kim Hale-Smith
Final Results - Erik Mattson

Checkers & assigned sections:
1. Bill Merritt
2. Richard Spruell & Nancy Guzman
3. Scott Alten
4. John Lovett
5. Von Smith
6. Lance Smith
7. Gabriela Caperon
8. Brad Hannon
9. Martin Belair & Nicolas Head
10. Clive Hannon

Thank you to these wonderful and industrious and committed people! Peace love and trials.