Sign 'em up.

What?! The SoCal Trials Season is turning 4! Why yes it is, that is; Round FOUR of the 2018/2019 season. Right around the corner. Yep the HIGH and MIGHTY, sassy-pants, Keyesville Classic*. Sunday December 9, my friends, see and ride what Gabby and her amazing high country army of volunteers (you DID volunteer, right?) are currently crafting- the true fall classic we’ve all been covertly coveting, like a cozy wool scarf.
So as we settle into a nice pre-Thanksgiving lull, relaxing with friends and fam, reach for your device and sign up to ride. As always, only $30 online for SCTA members, and $40 for non members. Signup at event is an additional $5.

He who is best prepared can best serve his moment of inspiration.
— Samuel Taylor Coleridge

This time PLEASE make it easy on you, me, Gabby and Darrell. RENEW OR JOIN THE AMA BEFORE YOU ARRIVE AT THE EVENT. And also, please bring your AMA card to the registration table. Much appreciated, partner!

*Sassy pants not guaranteed.