Underground Fun Trial Update

What the? UFT? Underground Fun Trial, That's what, but- wait a minute, what?

Nevermind. We are just trying to be a little bit low-key as we invite you all to our VERY underground, completely unofficial Mid Winter Fun Trial! The details:

Where: Santa Rosa, or heck, just go here: https://goo.gl/maps/jf71QfQsezC2
When: This Sunday, January 21. 10:00 am
How much: Free.
Why: Because, it's free, it's trials, and we just want to ride.
Paul's Eye View

Paul's Eye View

No points, no camping, no checking. Just you, me, and all our trials riding brothers and sisters, having a silly fun day of madcap trials riding. We VOTE riders really just want to show off our famed Santa Rosa stomping ground, and the infamous 'Paul's Loop'.
Two loops, 14 sections, and all lines! No checkers, but we will know when you dab. So come on out, bring some lunch, and have a chill day with the good old SCTA!