Well, that was fun.

Finally sitting at home after an incredible weekend in the Piutes, riding with best people, on the very funnest of sections. I'm already missing it.
We had it all- A huge firepit (with fire jumping, of course!); wide open sections, with all the challenges you could ask for; noisemakers, in case you just needed to uh, 'encourage' your fellow rider; and absolutely perfect weather. There was also shenanigans, hi-jinks, and mayhem, and a bit of just goofiness. I took some pictures, available here.

The 13 (YES, THIRTEEEN) sections were kind of 'gate-trial style, with wide ribbons, allowing you to really just hit what you felt like. No rules, no splits, just hit it and rip it, and don't dab it. Beyond being classified as fun, this was also, dare I say, practice! Noodle-arm-inducing practice. I pretty much rode until my arms fell off, and I kept falling off.

My hat is off to Plonkers' own, CharliE 'Fajardo' Rowlett, for hosting us, for building such creative sections, and as always, the cool finisher awards. (With CharliE, EVERYONE is a winner!). See you next time.

Does Bill Merritt EVER not look stylish?  Fajardo, looking on, noisemaker at the ready.