This is just the start.

Home now, feeling good about what is certainly a brand new, shiny fresh SCTA season. We had 61 riders, a Chinese lantern ceremony, adventure rides, free stickers, and just a whole bunch of great big NEW.

A huge breakout in my eyes, is the smiling young man you see above. Cole Cullins, after winning the Clubman class last year, jumped to the Advanced line, where he soundly and roundly trounced the seasoned vets. Look out for an amazing year from this youngster.
Additionally, three-time National Champ Scott Head was riding; we had attendees from Arizona, Catalina Island, and (just this side of) the Mexican border; and I somehow, miraculously, won a slightly-used chair. Fate.
Plonkers Trials club pulled off another great one, and all I can say is,...
Who is ready for Round Two?! SDTR shall bring it!

Oh yes, almost forgot. Best for last and all that: The results are all tallied up and posted.
Many thanks to Erik 'Excel' Mattson, SCTA scorekeeper.

Somehow, we all made it to the Webster and Hogan Plaques.