Are we there yet?


The desert is calling. And your answer is "Why yes, thank you. I'd love to come stay for a few days! I'll be right there." That desert, she is so accomodating.
The SlabtemberFEST trial is Sunday, the Adventure Ride; Saturday, and the chillaxing; today. That's all I need to know, but if you're a planner-type, full schedule here.

And also, a bit of housekeeping. Please bring your AMA card, regardless if you signed up, or not. and if you've already registered, don't worry about bringing proof, we got you covered. Heck, if you show up on Saturday, we will have pre-registration going on at thebardahut popcamper. Heck, we take credit cards! (for pre-registration. At the signup table, it's cash, my friend.)

Other than that, I'll see YOU, at the 'Buttes.