People Get Ready.

There's a Trial a-coming...
Yes, the 2017/2018 Season of the SoCalTrials Championship is just a week away. Everyone is frantically getting their bikes, bodies, and boots ready for another amazing season of trials competition. We'll begin, as always, in the high desert climes of Cougar Buttes, with the Plonkers Trials Club bringing us Slabtemberfest. Come early, stay late; and in between, ride your Dunlops off. Better yet, sign up to ride, like right NOW. Seriously, join the SCTA, and sign up to ride, right here.

Just a quick reminder or two, since we haven't seen each other all summer. We have classes from beginner to expert, and for this event we'll also have an Enduro bike line, if you'd like to try it. This year, there is one single 'Clubman' class. You all are riding together. So, bring it, hot shot. Event fee is the same as it's been for years:

Charles wrapping up the Saturday Adventure Ride, McGregor nipping at his heels .

  • $40 to join SCTA for the 2017/2018 season
  • $30 competition fee (if you join the SCTA), or...
  • $40 competition fee (if you do not join the SCTA)

Also PLEASE take care of your annual AMA license before the event, it makes sign up go so much smoother. But like I said, sign up online

That's about all for this post, but I'll be updating throughout the week as we get closer to the BIG DAY. More deets later, compadres!