Piutes now. Labor later.

Yes, the Piutes are this weekend. Piutes Fun Trial, to be exact.  Saturday, Sunday. Maybe even Friday if you can swing it. Monday, you can paint the shed or plant the garden. Better yet, be washing the bike.
I'm sure however that by know you are either going, or not going. BUT- If by some odd chance you are still on the fence, for gosh sake do get out there! Drive when it's cool, blast the AC and the music through the desert, then arrive, 6,000 feet up at the Piute Palace, ready for rumbling. Oh the big piney pines, the twisty trails, the and rolly boulders, just for us!
It's dreamy, I tell you. Me? I gotta get driving.

Because it's there.

And There, is precisely where you should be.