We are NEW! And we are ready for the Piutes. Woof.

So yeah, yeah, it's all new, and I hope you like the new layout. In MY opinion, this thing looks AWESOME on mobile devices, but you can enjoy it everywhere!

Also, I don't want to steal any well-deserving thunder from the FUN trial at the Piute Palace. This from my good buddy and trial punster, Charlie Fajardo Rowlett:

Ahoy trials riders,

I just got back from the Piutes last night from yet another weekend of chain-sawing and tree trimming. Normally that might be frowned upon but it's OK since the event is on private land. Seven sections built and at least six more ready to ribbon. Yessirree, you heard correctly! Everything in the Piutes is MORE including the number of sections!

The graded seven mile county dirt road up is in good shape, with one soft spot on the last semi-steep section. I drove up with no problems in two wheel drive while towing a light trailer, but I wouldn't recommend it in a Class A motorhome. Plenty of camping space available and Porta Potties will be on site early Friday. The sections are in an area of tight trees so I highly recommend wearing some sort of eye protection, along with helmet, boots and clean underwear. Professional bench-racing and BSing will commence at the Saturday night campfire as well as a raffle for a NEW trials tire. Also, I'd be honored if you would join me Saturday night for the official christening of the new Piute Palace Party Pavilion. It has been confirmed that the Grumpy Grizzly (private) Tavern will be open Saturday evening, and will be catering to the elite Piute Palace Trials Riders. The 'Griz is an easy 300 yard walk or you can utilize the provided (free) Uber Rokon service. See ya all soon!


Say what?

Let's see, where is this here FUN trial, this so-called Piute Palace? High in the Southern edge of the Sequoia National Forest, that's where. Need a map? Here's a Google Map pin. And here is a nice printable map, with directions.

Gabby, getting it  DONE , high in the Piutes. Fajardo looking on, "I could do that", says he.

Gabby, getting it DONE, high in the Piutes.
Fajardo looking on, "I could do that", says he.


So, when does this thing go down? Saturday and Sunday, September 2nd and 3rd. Saturday at NOON is the super special and silly-pants FUN trial.Then a big ol' (and brothers and sisters, I mean BIG) campfire, Saturday night, maybe a raffle, maybe an adult beverage or two. And just maybe, MAYBE, some super secret stupid FUN other activities, which you will just need to attend to understand.

Then even more funstivities, maybe a trip to the downed jet. Who knows, it is ALL good.

Plenty of camping, plenty of riding, and best of all non-existent cell phone service! Nirvana! Plenty more info here.