SCTA Year-End Awards, And the Fund Trial.

Morning folks.
in 12 short days, we host our end of year Fun Trial, AKA the Fund Trial, at Motoventures. This event is all fun, and you can ride for FREE! Or, you can toss a few bucks, say $20, to ride. Where does this money go? It goes directly to our youth riders who are out representing SoCal as they compete in National events this summer. Ever driven a truck across the country, stayed in hotels along the way, or even camp? It costs, brother. The money we collect at our Fund Trial goes straight to these young riders to help offset the costs (that their parents pay).Hannon Sr. Showing serious style. Keyesville.

Also, as the end of year event, we have IRONMAN awards! And the Championship trophies! Come on out, especially if your name is Ed Kocina, or Murphy Aaron, or even Brad Allred, Brad Hannon, Bill Merritt or Cole Cullins. Heck- even if you are Scott Alten! Because if you are one of these guys, you are our 2016/2017 Champions!

When is this spectacular event? Sunday, May 21st, at Motoventures. Gate trial set up, which I'll explain in a future post. Don't worry, its fun, and guess what? High score wins!

So, see you in a few days, yes?