47th El Trial de España, done, dusted, let's do it again!

Hi Friends,

Just a quick note. Thank you all for supporting the El Trial de España. It was an exceptional event staged over two days that challenge all involved. 70 riders on Saturday and I think we had 50 riders on Sunday. The final shoot out Exhibition on Sunday was just super. Lots of spectators. Tremendous riding by Bryan Roper, Alex Niederer, and Daniel Blanc-Gonnet. Amazing “World Round” style sections by Geoff Aaron and Jared Malmquist. If you missed it, YOU MISSED IT! It was the best.Bryan Roper on yet another clean. Captain O keeping the score.
Thank you to my friend Damon Barda for taking on the impossible and making it look easy. Thank you to my friend and our own force of nature, Gabriella Caperon for pushing and cajoling all of us to put in a little more effort for the good of the sport in the sweetest way. Thank you to all involved with set up and tear down. I love my checkers, thank you, thank you, thank you, to all who checked the event. Thank you to Jared Malmquist and his crew for following through on the special things that make EDTE special (raffle, exhibition). I know all of you appreciate the effort and energy it takes to do this event every year. Thank you all once again for supporting our effort to support the TDN Team and continue the SCTA tradition that is El Trial de España. Looking forward to seeing you all at the 48th El Trial de Espana.
Congratulations to Bryan Roper our new El Trial de España Champion!
More official words and photos later this week.
Yours in sport,
Captain O