El Trial, Edition Numero 47.

This weekend: Southern California's world renown annual multi-day celebration of the sport of Trial. Anza CA.
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We welcome the hearty, the hale. The top pros, the most ardent vintage riders. We welcome all to the 47th annual running of El Trial De Esapna. Many, I am sure, will arrive earlier for the famed Friday night festivities. The nation's best will be at El Trial. Bryan Roper will be there. Alex Niederer. Daniel Blanc-Gonnet. Ty Cullins. Heck- even our sections have been built by the masters of So Cal trials royalty. Even 10-time national champion Geoff Aaron was out, clearing scrub and fashioning what will prove to be one of our most extreme El Trial comps ever!

Here's the breakdown: Each day is one club event; Round 8 will occur on Saturday, and Round 9 on Sunday. After everyone finishes on Sunday, the pro riders re-group for the El Trial Shootout to crown the champion, and award the coveted EDTE sword.

Each day will require the usual $30 member/$40 non-member entry fee, and will have a trophy presentation after each event. Saturday, will have 10 sections and 3 loops. Sunday has the same three loops, but will feature only 8 sections, to keep things moving along. After that, we have what everyone is waiting for: the El Trial Pro Shootout!