Oh heck yes. Only SIX days to go, to the Plonker's presented Ride for Ringo, (our seventh round of the mighty 2016/2017 SCTA Championship),and the sunny and warm climes of the high desert. The SCTA stopped by the 'Buttes this weekend, to check in our most passionate paternity of preposterously playful riders, the Plonkers! Of course the Hannons were there, with Brad banging out sections like no other. Clive, (shown somewhat horizontal, or perhaps characterized as diagonal) was representing, as was Tom Miller, and even my man, Tim Robel, riding big bikes, small bikes, and even Todd's bike! Oh and hey! proof of the power of healing, Todd Bennett was there, foot all be-healed, attitude back in alignment, and riding quite smoothly. Brad, Clive and Tom. Plonkers through and through.Advanced class, get ready for a comeback!

Me, I'll be posting all week, here and on Facebook. I want 60 riders! Please push the event along with me, on FB, online, Instagram, whatever. Heck, even on Tinder! Swipe right, my friends, swipe right.