Ride for Ringo, and El Trial, 47th Edition

Hi kids! OK, I know, I know, where's the pictures? Where are the results? All good and fair questions. Well first off, our stunning scorekeeper, Mr. Mattson, has crafted some brilliant (and Hawaiian themed!) results, and the series standings, which have been available for a while. I just kind of spaced on making a big thing about it. My bad. Erik's good. So, go check your results here, now.

And photo's? OK, I finally stopped my stupid day job, and got my pictures posted. A few lovely shots of all my trials besties, riding to and fro around the good ol 'Buttes. You may find them, in color no less, right over on our photos page.

And finally, we are getting VERY SERIOUS about the 47th annual, El Trial de Espana! held in Motoventures, and hosted by ALL CLUBS (yes, you), this one is our gift to Trial. You want to check. It's a 2-day. so just check. Let me know, either here or via Facebook, which day you are GOING TO CHECK.