Check, Mate.

So easy, even THESE guys can do it! Great guys: SDTR's John Russo and Rick Jenkins.

Need I say more? The Happy Trial- Heck, ALL TRIALS, are built on volunteerism. This is your chance. Check why don't you? You receive the same championship points as if you won the event, so there is that, on top of the good Karma. We always need ten, or even more. So far, we have these fine ten. So, It looks like we are good to go. If anyone is interested in working the scorer's table with me, let me know.

1.  Gabby C
2.  Chris C
3.  The Delaney Clan
4.  Steve L/Ed Kocina
5.  Captain Paul
6.  Carlos J
7.  Darrell P./Jessica Hurt
8.  Kevin Barda! (Seldom Seen!)
9.  Lior!
10. Brad Hannon

The list above does not mean these are the ACTUAL sections these folks will be at, but I am starting to place people. Don't worry, I'll be working the scorer's table. I don't get off THAT easy.
Checkers do rule, by the way.