Oh the Happiest!

Oh the happiest indeed! Me, rolling up the dome this admittedly Super Sunday,to the spring wonderland that is Romoland. The place is sublime, with a few wintry surprises. The Valley boys of trials were out in full-on force. How many sections did we bang out? Oh that would be like eight. And sure, this trial has been built by nature's forces; crafted by winter rain and erosion, monzonite and moss. From there, it has been hand-crafted by some of trials' best. Chris Cullins and Russ, Yoda Clyde Butler. The masterful Captain Paul. The international contingent of Martin Belair, Miquel, Crofty and the Sweetens (here enjoying respite from Oregon's sideways, freezing, and apparently upside down, rain). The venerable Mikey Taters and Carlos. (Wenger, where WERE you?) Add this to the earlier work of Gabby, Erik Mattson and Darrell. These wonderful people got it DONE. Thank you, thank you all!

And now I can HAPPILY say, we got ourselves a trial. You know, on February 19th. I'll brag all about the loop and sections in a future post. Oh and PS: A few highlights from the archives, and a new one of Pete:

Russ Victor, circa 2015Chris back in the day2014 perhaps?

Crofty: Kiwi word for happy.