If you missed it, shame on you. Some Happy Shots from the Happy Trial

Hey Friends!

What an awesome weekend. Amazing weather. We had 61 riders compete. Perfect dirt. Perfect rocks. Thats not all. Everyone got three trips around the "Happy Loop". It was great to see all of you having such a great time. Damon and I spent the day running the scoring table. Our experience reinforced why we love this little sport so much. The joy, the respect, the effort and the emotion that goes into the stories of 61 riders pitched in the crucible of friendly competition is an amazing thing to observe. Thanks to all who came out and rode a great trial. Thanks to all who helped build and check an amazing event, Damon and I are SO thankful for your trust and friendship and hard work. We are in awe of our SCTA family. Thanks, peace, love, and Happiness!

Captain O.

Damon's post continues below.

Hi kids. I was able to snap just a few pictures, and I've posted them here:My man, Mr. Clyde Butler. Yoda to me.