The Keyesville Effect

Up north, at the southern edge of the Sierra Nevada range, the Kern River snakes away from Lake Isabella, twisting and careening, toward the oily 'burb of Bakersfield and the San Joaquin Valley beyond.

Midway between the frothy Kern and the scraggy mountains north, along the meadows and foothills, small critters live and play in the forest. They sport big feet and fat tires. Shortly before mating season, with small lengths of pink ribbon clipped to their furry underparts, these small woodland beasts build sections. Today, yesterday, and again next Saturday, they will be there. High in Keyesville. Building. Sections. All this before mating season.

A Big Footed forest critter! Don't be alarmed, he's quite friendly.

Next weekend, December 10, is the Big Wood Trial. Arrive Saturday; throw in a hand and together we will place the finishing touches on the course. I know these Big Feet critters- their woodsy ways will have us riding across granite shelves one moment, and pine needle strewn forest floors the next. Sections stitched together with a serpentine trail crossing meadows and rocky descents alike. And always a glance east gives a view of the blue waters of Lake Isabella.

Camping is expansive and flat, the road in easy enough for your Pinto.

Best for last: the price of competing is also your finest value in motorsports:
Online signup- $30 for SCTA/PITS members, $40 for non-members.
(Signup at table day of event is an additional $5)
When, where, and more: complete information can be found on our calendar page.