We here at Sierra Charlie Tango Alpha (SoCalTrials) take our trials competition set up VERY seriously. Never ones to shy away from a thorough reconnaissance of our next events, we enlisted the services of our very own ace fighter pilot and secret squirrel, Captain Paul X. (name kept secret for military reasons!). An exacting and precise aerial survey of the Keyesville riding area was undertaken, utilizing our newly acquired Lockeed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon. Yeah, we have one of those.

CAPT X reports conditions are good and clear for the December 10 running of Round 4 of the SCTA Mototrial Championship Series, The Big Wood Trial. You can see from the hi-res imagery provided by CAPT X, the roads into camp are smooth and free of ordinance. The encampment is squared away. Lake Isabella, beyond to the east is also looking quite full, and if you squint, you just might see Erik Mattson and friends already establishing the sections. Bravo Zulu.
NEXT WEEKEND, December 3, Come join Erik and the Big Feet mates as they finalize the set-up, and then we'll see you all at the Big Wood Trial, December 10.

The campground is at lower left, and the sections are pretty much all along the mountainside, north and east of camp. Hi Res Photo courtesy CAPT X.

We wish you an enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend, spent with family and friends, and plenty of good rations.
Over and out, and at ease.