Big Whatever.

Big water. Big sky. Big air. Big wood.

It's all big in my book, and in December we are celebrating ourselves some Big Feets trials, in the BIG outdoors, at the BIG WOOD Trial. As SoCalians, (yes, it's a word) we rarely have a big opportunity to ride over actual WOOD. Sure, there's Lucerne; with rocks and sand. Motoventures; rocks and dirt. Romo; rocks and kangaroo rats. (I'm kidding!!! Sheese, take it easy!) But at Keyesville, we get... LOGS. Wood. Lumber. Planks. A veritable forest, my friend. And nothing says trials like riding over the proverbial log. Just ask Bruce Brown.
So, do like my good friend and almost astronaut, Trevor, (pictured above) and get yourself, your bike, and your camping gear ready for the BIG WOOD TRAIL. Sunday, December 10. It will be here before you know it, and I pity the fool who misses out. You wooden want to do that. (get it?)

Better yet, sign up now, and then just get your inner lumberjack on, and get ready for the WOOD.