Thank you very much.

Thank you, SoCal Trials riders, for making SDTR's Weekend of 1,000 Rocks a huge success.
Thank you, Scott Clark for decorating the entire loop.
Thank you, Tori Corrillo, for the kid's trial, and of course, my special coffee cup.
Thank you, Jon Russo and Brandy Turner for rocking (jazzing, actually) the sign up table.
Thank you, Gary Stewart for being an inspiration to us all.
Thank you, Gabby Caperon, for being the best treasurer we could ever ask for.
Thank you, Erik Mattson, for being the points master.
Thank you, Mary Barda, for the hall pass, and letting me hang with all my moto-peeps.
Thank you, everyone, for being happy for me and my new job.
Thank you, Reid Davis, for being such a good and graceful rider. You are a joy to photograph.
Thank You, Brad Allred, for snapping some swell pictures of me.

I love all you guys! I always leave a trial full of goosebumps because you all have such enthusiasm for this sport. We'll see you all soon, and I wish you a glorious November.