Kids These Days.


Seriously, one of the funnest parts of our SoCalTrials scene, and for me the most gratifying, is watching these little whippersnappers ride. Right before the (so-called) grownup trial, the little ones have a cool little trial all their own. Just some simple sections, a few turns and a bit of dirt, but stepping stones to the real thing. It's always a blast, and face it; they are so darn cute, right?
So bring your tyke, and bring their bike, and watch 'em rip. Because next thing you know, they beat the pants off you in the Big Show. Kids these days.
Big super special thanks to the Carrillo's for setting up and hosting this fun little trial. Follow them on their own Facebook page, specially made just for these little trials urchins.

By the way, the kid's trial is FREE. The big people trial; you gotta pay to ride. So do it now, and we will see you Saturday and Sunday, the 28th and 29th. It shall be a rockin' good time.

Cute cute. As a button.