It's Business time.

We would like a moment to say a few words.

Yes we, the SCTA, are indeed in business. Very much so, and I will now get straight to business:
The Online Signup for Rounds 2 and 3 is now active. For 2017/2018, we've fully implemented our online event signup system (as a part of our website rebuild), and it has proved a resounding success from the start. The signup process works smoothly on all devices and takes only a minute. As we move forward, we are asking all riders to transition to this simple way to pre-register. This way, we all get to focus on riding on the morning of our events. And that I can tell you, is a good thing.
We can still process you the old fashioned way, the morning of the trial; however the day-of-trial signup cost will be increasing by five dollars per transaction, starting with our next two SDTR trials, The Monster Mash, held October 28 and The Skidplate Bash on the 29th.

So please, step into our future- you can sign up now, and the lovely people of the San Diego Trials Riders will have everything ready for you at the event registration. They're givers like that. If for some reason you've not yet joined the SCTA, and your favorite club, get to it. Like now; your club needs you.

Finally you will find boatloads of additional weekend trial and festivities on our calendar page.

Next up, and sort of related. Do you really know the rules of our sport? You should. All competitors in the Championship Series are expected to read, and abide by, the rules contained in this document. Did you know you will be fived for going backwards in a section? That you shouldn't ride the loop the wrong way? Or that you must be 15 years old to check a section alone? The answers they say, are in the book. Finally, the 2017/2018 Rulebook (PDF file available here) has also been updated, to reflect the new day-of event fees described above.

2017/2018 Event Entry and Membership Costs

  • SCTA Members pay $30 online, or $35 at the event, per event.
  • Non-members pay $40 online, or $45 at the event, per event.
  • SCTA Annual Membership, $40 online, $45 at the event. (Once per season.)

It's all in the Book.

That book, pictured over there? Why that's your guide to a more informed, engaged, and 40% more awesome trial. Within its pages, you will learn the way of the trial master.

Please read responsibly.

I sincerely thank you all for supporting the wonderful and enigmatic sport of trials,
-Damon B
SCTA President