Ride with Clyde.

Pretty fun day, Sunday out at Santa Rosa. You see, the Perennial Professor of Plonking, Clyde Butler, is planning to vamoose, soon en route to San Jose. Santa Rosa will miss this man.
So well, with all Clyde has done for us, we figure we gotta ride with him, right? One last time? We had a nice big group, from the young MAN Gary Stewart, to the other young man, Cole Cullins. Great to see so many riders, sharing one last ('It's NOT my last!" -Clyde) ride out at good old Santa Rosa. Trevor got pretty epic, Lior FINALLY got up the big boulder, and Russ was interestingly provided splatter guidance from Cole. This too proved effective after several attempts by Russ.

Clyde, I know I speak for all who have benefited from your coaching; we say thank you. You have impacted all of our riding, and we all ride better and smarter, and even a little cooler, because of you. Now hurry back, you hear?

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Trevor getting morning air.

Floating like a butterfly. Cole Cullins working the english.

Trials AND Cupcakes? What a wonderful world. Clyde looks on in merriment.

Gary Stewart, just kicking it. He hit this like five times, getting it just right.