SUNDAY 1/15: ROMO (We are good for checkers!)

This weekend is the the Jack Volder Classic at Romoland, CA. Hosted by VOTE, and full of LOVE! And boulders, sand, and little grapefruit sized rocks, and drop-offs, and, well you get the picture.
It will, in a word, be Amazeballs.

Look who is helping!
Volunteers so far:

Chris Cullins

SIGN UP: Gabby Caperon, Damon Barda

SCORING TABLE: Gabby Caperon

LUNCHES: Tori Norton-Carrillo

1. Team Carillo and Skylar
2. Brad Allred
3. Trevor Weiller
4. Mark Oldar
5. Mike Jenkins
6. Darrell Palmer
7. Reid Davis
8. Russ Victor and Cole Cullins
9. Ed Kochina
10. Brian Lee and Hugh Warren