The Happy Trial Update

The Happy Trial, Under Construction...
My boy Steve Leffler, hitting the Romo, and now, posterized!Last Sunday we had ourselves a pretty full house at the VOTE set up extravaganza, out at stunning Romoland. All ten sections are marked, the loop is ribboned, and at least FOUR sections completely laid out for your riding or checking pleasure. HUGE thanks to Gabriela Caperon, Brad Allred, Russ Victor, Martin Belair, Erik Mattson, Steve, and of course, my man DUKE. We had riders from SoCal, Oregon (the Sweetens), Spain, and Czechoslovakia! Our very own world round for sure. See you all next Sunday for a little set-up help, right? Don't worry, that Superbowl game won't be on until you are home, bike cleaned and garaged, and a cold something or other in your hand.

PS: You wanna check? Let us know!