Slabtember, Tuesday Night Edition

Greetings Southern California, THIS weekend, we proudly kick off the...

2016/2017 Southern California Trials Association Moto-Trial Championship Series!

Yep, we are definitely fresh and ready for a new season. This first event has been deemed by many to be succulently slabberiffic, as we ascend apon glorious Cougar Buttes, in our very own Mojave Desert. The rocks have been fine tuned by the veteran and able Plonker Section Masters, the exquisite sections connected with a to-and-fro loop that will keep your inner Karsmakers smiling.*

Camping of course, with awesome rides on Saturday (National Loop, anyone?), a play-by-play ride to view the sections, all followed by moon-howling, stiffolina-inducted campfire frolicking! Oh yes- we also have a real-life professionaly crafted practice section. Just for you.
Sunday, BRING YOUR AMA CARD, and get ready to ride. We will have personal pre-event tech inspection by Todd Bennett, all new SCTA cards (!), and an early-ish riders meeting. THEN let's go get our trials on.

All this, under the beautiful autumn skies of the southern Mojave. Life is good.Yes. Sky brings her ever-beaming smile

I hope your Week is wonderful, and full of end-of-summer bliss. See you THIS weekend. More info here, all week long.

-Damon B

SCTA Presi.

*look it up if you need, kid.