Big Thanks, And,.. SLABTEMBERFEST!

Good day SoCal Trials riders! We here at are gearing up for another full-on, fun-filled and action-packed season of trials! We start in less than two weeks, with the opening round on Sunday September 25th: Slabtemberfest, by the world-famous Plonkers Trials Club. The usual greatness is planned- a Saturday adventure ride. A practice section, just for you, and right near camp. An inferno of a campfire on Saturday night, and then of course, the sections! Seriously, there is no place as naturally fun to ride a trials bike as Cougar Buttes. You WILL ride! I command you!

Next, as the SCTA President, I want to keep our riders informed of a couple of changes in our leadership. It goes without saying that everyone who helps out in this volunteer sport is a true champion in my book. All the board members would like to say a giant THANK YOU to Bill Hanson, and his lovely bride Donna, for handling all event sign-ups last season. Mr. Hanson amongst the Cougar Buttes rocks.Bill and Donna were there at each event, working with whichever club, to help speed sign-up right along. I cannot thank them enough for this job. As we roll into the new season, look for Gabby Caperon and myself at the scorer’s table, and be nice, that’s all I ask!

Next, Don Copeland was our official SCTA Board Treasurer last season, and he leaves the club this season in great financial standing, and ready for the years ahead. I thank Don for transitioning the books to quickbooks, and transitioning the clubs financing into the 21st century. Thanks, Don! Gabby too, will assume this role, so thank her when you see her next.

To be honest, please thank ALL these people: Bill and Donna Hanson, Don Copeland, and Gabby Caperon, for all the time and energy they give so that most of us can just focus on riding.
You rock, they rock. Thanks.

And, see YOU in the ‘Buttes!