Summertime Funtime, Round TWO!


July 1, 2016


Event Report: MotoVentures First Summer Trials Series Event


The first 2016 summer series trials event took place at MotoVentures on Sunday June 19, which proved to not be the best choice of dates since A) it was Father’s Day and B) it was about 106 degrees hot! Regardless, eight hearty trials riders came out to set up sections and practice. They were able to set up two sections and ride them for about three hours until the heat was just too much to continue. Everyone seemed to enjoy the lo-pressure, fun time, no schedule approach.

MotoVentures is hosting a second summer trials series event on Sunday July 17, but this time it will start at 8am and finishing around noon to try and beat the heat. Come out and join us for some friendly trials competition and skill building. The cost is only $5 with donations to cover costs welcome. For more info call Gary LaPlante at (877) 260-6686.