El Trial Update: The Captain's call to ACTION!

Hi Friends,

I am in Tokyo having some Ramen with my flight attendants when our host (Mr. Ishiwakara) notes that I am sporting some Montesa team gear. Recognized me from an old photo of me checking an exhibition section years ago. Turns out "Ish" as I now call him is a big fan of Moto Trials and asks if I know Fujinami. I say I do. Ran with him at the US World Round. Saki flows. We chat. "Ish" asks about El Trial de Espana. I am "flabbergasted" that he would ask. I ask him how he knows about ETDE. He says he visits the SoCalTrials website often.He knows that Team Montesa AND Team Sherco are on their way to a showdown for the coveted El Trial de Espana Sword of Victory in Sunday's final! He also knows of the two day/two Moto format that is unique to this one event. Mr. Ishiwakara related to me that it was his great loss not to have attended the 45th annuall ETDE and he apologized for being unable to attend this year's 46th version. More Saki. We say our goodnights and ride the bus back to the hotel. Good night "Ish". I sincerely hope to see Mr. Ishiwakara standing alongside one of the El Trial exhibition sections next year. I am sure he'll be there.

So ther you go! People the world over know about the 46th annual El Trial de Espana! The best, the largest, and most fun event of it's type with bags of history. But this event does not build itself. Our section engineers have been designing and building loops and sections of undeniable glory! Our legal team has secured every permit and permission imaginable to allow the event to go forward. You say, "Captain, what shoud I do now"? Here is what YOU can DO. I need you to volunteer some time. Help at sign up is always needed. I know all of you are excellent checkers. Please CHECK one day. Help us clean up the event after it is all over. Give us an hour of your time to pull ribbon and clean up. Every little bit of help is cherished by YOUR club. Ride a day and work a day (or an hour if thats all you have). New sections, new loop, two days of "redline awesome" trials riding with your 'buds. See you there. Cheers! Captain O.

STEP IT UP! You will volunteer now.
We need checkers for each day, and don't forget, checking one day gives you a nice advantage in the overall event, as the scores are tallied for each day. If you check, you win one day. Please join these WINNERS on the list. So far we have:

Saturday 4/16:
1. Manfred Ochsner
2. Todd Bennett
3. Damon Barda
4. John Sides
5. Jason Forrest

Sunday 4/17:
1. Paul Oswald
2. Mike Jenkins
3. Rick Spruell
4. Chris Cullins
5. Russ Victor
6. Darrell Palmer
7. Randy Lewis
8. The legendary Gary Stewart
9. Don Copeland
10. Grant Alten