Go Bill Merritt! Go!

OK. I am a giant Bill Merritt fan. The man always greets me with a smile and a hug. I love the way he rides, so euro-smooth. I feel like we are brothers separated at birth. No, really! We have the same accent. The same eyes. The same tan. We even have the same body type. He is by far a better engineer and entrepreneur than I am, but I talk louder. (Yes, I am being funny, but I am serious about the brother thing.) Well here is another reason to love Bill Merritt. Bill is an official competitor in this year’s Scottish Six Day Trial!

This event is the New York Marathon of international trials, only it is run through the bogs and moores of Scotland in really bad weather. Bill will be there representing SoCal Trials. This is an epic undertaking that only the most brave and talented riders in the world of trials can or will attempt. No matter how well prepared, the rider (our Bill) will be challenged at every level of the human spirit. Six days of world class trials and Scottish weather will be a daunting task. I am sure Bill will be up to the challenge. The SSDT starts May 2nd and runs to May7th. Bill is flying out next week to prep and position for the event. So if you get a moment post a little something encouraging and keep Mr. Merritt in your positive thoughts during the week of the event. You can track his day to day results at SSDT.org. When he gets home I will greet him with a big smile and hug. I cannot wait to hear the stories. Cheers for Sir Bill Merritt!