El Trial de España Update: The Getting Antsy Edition.

Hi everyone. El Trial is upon us, this very weekend. As president of the Southern California Trials Association, I am honored to be a part of the history of this event. Knowing it's origins, it's longevity, just gives me goosebumps. I sincerely do not want to screw this up!

Many folks have helped us get to this event, volunteered their time, negotiated with the federal government, and driven hundreds of miles on their personal time to set up the course. The schedule is below, and I hope to see all of our hundreds of members (yes, hundreds) at the event. Riding, checking, or even just spectating. If anything, please at least stop on by thebardhut camptastic mobile for an after-event beverage. I’ll bring a couple of extra cans of mexico’s finest.

Sadly, I have been immersed in the throes of a new job, and it has been beyond difficult to keep up with this beast. I never made a proper flyer. We still need a FIVE more checkers. There is probably still one more section to build. But rest assured; our show will go on, and it will be huge. We have pro riders coming from all points across the states, and this is our chance to show off what SoCal Trials is all about. So join me, and ALL of the SoCal clubs, at the 46th running of El Trial.

Peace, love and trials,
-damon b.