The (R)ides of March!

Attention SoCal Trials Enthusiasts!

The Plonkers Trial is THIS coming weekend, Sunday, March 13th. Remember we set the clocks ahead Saturday night so don't get caught a hour behind!

Pssst! Hey buddy! Get your Flier for downloading, just by clicking here!Ah, the Riders of March!

For you adventurous riders, there will be yet another classic Plonkers Saturday afternoon Adventure Ride to the famous plaques. The group departs around 2:00PM. It's a tough ride for sure, and always a lot of fun. If you make it to the plaques (with or without your motorcycle) you will receive (yet another) high-zoot, laser etched, anodized aluminum, commemorative Plonkers dog tag! Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of history!

And like last time, there will be another gala Saturday night Plonkers campfire raffle! No, we're not raffling off the campfire, but rather some new trials tires and other cool bike stuff. Everyone is invited, and the raffle is FREE. Come on, you know want to.

The Sunday trial starts at 10:00am with the usual 9:45am riders meeting. Ten sections, three loops, and lots of grippable granite for your traction enjoyment.

There is also a substantiated rumor of an appearance by the famous LarrE Butterfield and his lovely wife Brenda! For those of you who don't know LarrE, I can tell you he is a PLONKER EXTRAORDINAIRE and did the work of at least three to four mortal humans.

See ya all soon!
-CharliE R