El Trial de España 2016

Keyesville, CA -

All things most assuredly come to a close, and so too our beloved 2015/2016 SoCalTrials Championship Series season finalé draws near. Ty Cullins looked fierce at ETdE 2015But oh, what a glorious way to go out: The 46th annual El Trial de España. And as El Trial marks the end of our Southern California season, it also stands as Round ONE in the newly-minted...
2016 California State Mototrials Championship, The Rusty Bear Cup

Round 1: El Trial de España, April 16/17, Keyesville, CA

Round 2: Bear Valley Trial, September 17/18, 2016

Ride well in SoCal, ride even better in Norcal, and we'll just see who is the State Champion! All classes are welcome to particpate, and none other than the highly esteemed Martin Belair will be safeguarding your points as you battle for the State Championship. Thrilling, I know. A perpetual North -vs- South award will be given to the team that scores the most cummulative points in the season.

ALSO! We need setup people. NOW IS THE TIME!