V.O.T.E. Presents: Two Days in Romoland!

Yep. Two weeks away, The Valley Observed Trials Enthusiasts bring you not one, but TWO awesomely crafted days of trials action. Our favorite VOTE president, Gabby Caperon, has been leading the charge, setting up the course for some brand spanking new sections. Sunday is shaping up quite nicely as well, following the "Happy Loop" with a few new twists and turns along the way.

Big shout out to Gabby of course, and Steve Leffler, Darrell Palmer, Mikey Jenkins, Chris Cullins, Brad Allred, Art Bradford, and even more who have helped get the place ready for YOU. Heck, See that guy in the picture in the post below? Steve and Brad brought in high pressure equipment and de-graffitti'd the rocks all over Romoland, and I couldn't be more proud of their efforts. Super impressive, men. Make sure you thank these guys, they are what makes me love this sport.

And now, guess what? We need some checkers, and some volunteers. All VOTE members should be out at Romoland THIS Sunday the 14th at 9:00 am for a rocking fun set-up party. Bring your hammer, bush trimmers and staple guns and we'll get this thing DONE. Then go get all romantic with the other half.

Finally, who's checking? Our list of awesomeness begins here:

Saturday, The Jack Volder Classic:
1. Russ Victor
2. Darrell Palmer
3. Tori Carrillo
4. Joseph Carrillo
5. Steve Leffler
6. you?
7. you?
8. you?
9. you?
10. you?

Sunday, Feb 21, The Happy Trial:
1. Tom Materna (Dibs on Section 1!)
2. Mike Jenkins
3. Steve Leffler
4. Art Bradford
5. Ty Cullins
6. Chris Cullins
7. Paul Oswald
8. Gary Stewart
9. Damon Barda
10. Don Copeland!


Please contact us at the 'Talk to us' link at the left, if you wish to check AND get a free 150% cool VOTE hat, AND get winning points toward the season championship. And if I screwed up, and I have the day that you are checking listed wrong, please let me know. Thanks mates!