Looking for a FEW good checkers!

Hi all, well, cold and flu season is among us, and we've lost a couple of checkers. If you have the time, heart, and passion, and would like some really sweet VOTE trials swag, come on out and check! Oddly, being checker number 8 has caused two of guys to come down ill. so anyhow, I look forward, WE look forward, to seeing YOU at the Happy Jack Weekend out at good ol' ROMOLAND!!


Our checkers, as of Friday at 2:00:

Saturday, The Jack Volder Classic:
1. Russ Victor & Cole Cullins
2. Darrell Palmer
3. Tori Carrillo
4. Joseph Carrillo
5. Steve Leffler
6. Bill Merritt
7. Greg Fisch
9. Dan the Man Varner
10. Clive Hannon!!!! Yeah!!

Sunday, Feb 21, The Happy Trial:
1. Tom Materna (Dibs on Section 1!)
2. Mike Jenkins
3. Steve Leffler
4. Art Bradford
5. Ty Cullins
6. Chris Cullins
7. Paul Oswald
9. Damon Barda
10. Don Copeland!